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The Second Annual Bone Shaker Brawl

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RaSungod 7/17/21

Ra Sungod of Ra Sungod racing is in.

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Dadvball 7/19/21

I'm sorry but I have to pull out of this race. We're in the process of moving in a couple of weeks and everything is packed up.  The new place is smaller and as of right now I don't have a clue about where I can set up my working area. 

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Big_Al 7/19/21

Big Al will drive for Big Al's Custom Diecast.  I can't believe I almost missed this!

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MrDarq 7/19/21

Still have a spot open?

Hello everyone, due to the size of this tournament I have to ask everyone to please not send anything but the car, meaning no extra cases or packaging that you expect to get back. I just won't be able to track and catalog the extras and you likely won't get them back. I appreciate everyone following this and helping me out. 

  • The only "extra" thing I will be sending is a strip of coroplast between the wheels of the car for shipping so that the wheels and axles don't get damaged. — SpyDude
  • Hey Spydude, can you post a pic of that? — Uncle_Elvis
  • @Unk Elvis: Just cut a strip of coroplast the length of the car, then trim around the wheels. The idea is to have the coroplast thick enough so the car is up in the air and not resting on the wheels at all. What this does is provide a buffer for shipping - any impacts to the package will be transferred through the solid frame of the car itself, rather than the fragile axles and wheels. Once the race host receives the car, he peels away the tape and coroplast, and the car is ready to roll. You can also do it with popsicle sticks. I dropped a car four feet off a table while packing - the coroplast saved the axles when it hit the floor. — SpyDude
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MrDarq 7/22/21

Something scary is being built!!

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MadMike 7/24/21

we got some new technology in this one. We'll new to us here at Mad Mike's Custom Garage. 

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MrDarq 7/26/21

Would adding a wing be legal?

Count me in, please!

Can I play, too?

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EnochEl 8/2/21

Is it too late to get in?!

If still available I would love a spot. Thanks 

  • You’re in — BlueLineRacing
  • Awesome... I didn't have a boneshaker till this past weekend yard sale that I stopped by... LOL! — RoadrageRacing

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