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The Second Annual Bone Shaker Brawl

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4thSun 8/4/21

I want in!

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RLoRacing 8/9/21

Are you allowed to mod the interior/remove things that are not visible like the seats?

  • Yes sir — BlueLineRacing
  • If the top is open, may it be closed off, like with a piece of styrene? — SpyDude
  • Since some Boneshakers are closed at the top I’d say yes — BlueLineRacing
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Mayfield41 8/15/21

Question: Can we add a roof to the car?

  • That was answered in the previous question under the replies. Yes you can since some bone shakers are closed roof — MadMike
  • Yes, sorry, it’s allowed — BlueLineRacing
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Mayfield41 8/27/21

Just needs weight added..and finesse those wheels more

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FPD_Racing 8/29/21

Mine is done

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Go_Time 9/2/21

Not sure how it rolls...but its clean.

  • I’m sure it rolls great and yes, it looks the part also. — BlueLineRacing
  • Thank you Sir...I've been out of the game for so long if I make it out of the first round it will be a win for me! Thank you for what your doing for this hobby!!! — Go_Time
  • Appreciate it. You were around when I was getting started. I know what you’re capable of. Good Luck — BlueLineRacing
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RLoRacing 9/3/21

Day of the Dead en route 

  • Nice muerto skull on the front! Nice background too — redlinederby

Maker's Box Motors would love to send an entry.

Hello everyone, we are looking at 65+ cars for the Bone Shaker Brawl. I have closed the field off at that number since it's been awhile since anyone has signed up and it's a huge field of cars as it stands. It's going to be quite the under taking so I will have a hard deadline of Oct 22nd to get the cars in. I ask that you consider donating your car to the winner if it isn't something you really care to get back. Of course I will send any car back that includes return shipping but I won't chase people down for money I will just consider it a donation. The field will be much too hard to track PayPal or any other form of payment etc. If it comes with money I'll send it back if not it goes to the winner. Also, please do not send a plastic case with the car unless you don't want that back also, I just can't store and track 60 plastic cases. If I can get half the field to donate it would be a huge help because shipping back almost 70 individual cars won't be a lot of fun and will take quite a long while to do. 

  • I will send some money with mine for return shipping. I wish I could donate, but I reuse my weight. — GhostDriver
  • Mine is coming with grudge cars here soon — MadMike
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GhostDriver 9/14/21

This one will be on its way in a couple weeks.

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