Old Yadkin Valley Speedway

Managed by Funkhouser

About this track

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains of the Old North State, a small country back road in an area known as the Yadkin Valley would be filled with the sound of thunderous engines of moonshiners and federal agents during the prohibition era.  As these moonshiners would modify their cars they would begin to brag about having the fastest shine runner around.

The boasting would soon turn to competing, as other moonshine runners would want to prove that they have the fastest vehicle in valley.

  These competitions would soon turn into weekend events as drivers from all around the state would put their vehicles to the test on the old valley back road.  As the years went on newer vehicles with bigger engines and more aerodynamic designs began to show up on the track. The old moonshiner vehicles would soon become a thing of the past.

As the weekend events continued on, spectators would soon begin to show up to watch the spectacle that became known stock car racing.

As the competitions  Became stronger and the spectators became greater in numbers a new kind of image would be showing up around the track.... ... Sponsorships.

Over the years the track would become  Bigger and greater in popularity as the sport became they came known around the world.

The track was a fan favorite at the height of the sports popularity. But the track was starting to get old and harder to maintain. The sport became so popular, larger and more state-of-the-art venue locations were being Built-in other parts of the country.

The track would eventually close its gates and left behind at the sport outgrew its roots. Years would pass by and the track would slowly fall into disrepair, many believing that this was the end of the road and that the old speed would never see life again. However, in 2022, a new hope would be brought to the track as the sound of thunderous engines filled the Yadkin Valley once again.