Spore Valley Inter-DIMENSIONAL Raceway

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 71 ft.
  • Built by: Pottybig


                                         !!THIS SHOW IS NOT FOR KIDS!!

!!The Pottybig Race League contains adult themes and strong language. 13 and older is recomended and parents are cautioned that this program is not suitable for children!!


After 55 earth years hosting races, The Spore Valley Championship is finally broadcasting to the universe. Organized by The Pottybig Race League, their races consist of 6 cars rather than the 4 car standard. This method has proven more efficient in getting through the endless backlog of drivers.

Centuries ago, a cluster of "cursed" mushrooms emerged, their origins a mystery. Appearing during heated disputes, these mushrooms possess an uncanny allure, mesmerizing all who encounter them. No one knows how to stop it, so the current Shroom Shaman put a sign on it in hopes that would help, but it seemed to only attract more to touch it. Touching these mushrooms leads to an instant transport to the heart of Spore Valley InterDIMENSIONAL Raceway. Racers receive qualifying times, and are grouped accordingly. Winners not only claim prizes valued in their own worlds currency, but more importantly ascend the ladder towards the ultimate goal: Spore Valley Champion.