The Korgen Dragway

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So, in the late half of 2022 or the early part of 2023, I fell in the YouTube rabbit hole that is diecast racing. Probably 2022 if I had to guess. 

The more videos I watched,  the more channels I followed, which led to more videos and then more channels. You get the idea, right?

This all got me interested in collecting again. Hadn't bought any diecast in probably 20 years at this point. I'm 50 years old at this point. I rarely if ever play any video games anymore and I haven't played with Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars in about 40 years. But, watching these diecast videos sparked something in me. Especially the ones where they go hunt for cars and shake them in the package. Something about that is a very satisfying sound. 

So, with the spark and interest there again, I started hunting when I would go out to eat and started buying castings that I liked. Not hunting for TH or STH, if I liked it I bought it. Plain and simple. 

In June of 2023, I gave a friends grandson some of what I had picked up for his birthday. A few days later she tells me that the Hot Wheels were a good choice. He really liked them. Now, it's game on!  I started gift bags for all 4 grandsons for Christmas.  They all ended up with a 30 car wheel case. 3 of them got about 40 cars each and the 4th about 25 and also had a Fortnite gift card. All each got a semi, a 55th anniversary car and much more. After that, I decided I wanted to build my own track. 

Now it's January of 2024 and I bit the bullet and ordered track pieces. No space available for a road course. OK, I'll just to a drag track. Thought I had enough space for a 1:64 scale 1/4 mile. Nope. Not unless my wall was the finish line. I  wanted enough run-off for stop bags. 

The track name of The Korgen Dragway is to honor my best friend, my brother from another mother that passed away in 2016. Korgen was the name of a character he made for a video game the he, my wife(he introduced us btw and together 32 years and married 27 years), and I would play. A little music game called Rockband. 

So, what I ended up with is a track that is 17' start to finish with about a foot or so before the stop bags. The drop hill is about 4' @ a 50° angle. Electronic start gate and timer from Slanman customs. 

And now, just last week 6/8/24, I hosted my 1st race and posted it on YouTube. Next race is scheduled for September. Other videos will appear as I find what I like and racing my own cars, Channel v. Channel and other fun racing other than just tournament racing.