2022 Diecast Games

Big_Poppy Thursday, 7/14/2022

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I am in the middle of an "F4 tornado" between work and real life issues. I am sorry but I must cancel the Diecast Games this year. I have really tried to make it work but there's NO WAY to do as well as I'd like and I certainly can't guarantee it'll be completed on time. I haven't sent an entry to anyone this entire year. 

I hope things will change after the beginning of 2023. Thank you for the Youtube channel support and your participation in my events I wish all well and hope that GOD will bless you richly.

Jim Potts

aka Big Poppy


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RLoRacing 7/14/22

Thanks for the update and hope all goes well

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SpyDude 7/14/22

Take a break and build some cars.  Get racing somewhere other than your own track for a while.

All good Big Poppy!

Many thanks again for all your previous events.

Take care,

Take care of life Jim. It's an excellent event that you have put together over the years and it will be missed for sure but we all understand.

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Rusty_Rod 7/16/22

Take a break my friend,and thanks for all the events you've hosted,hope everything is well with you and family,take care my friend                  AKA  Rod Sibole        

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WallyChamp73 7/16/22

Stay strong!

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PoBoy_Racing 7/17/22

Jim,   No Worries!  Family and work come 1st!  You take care of that and it will all work out.  Thanks for all of the years of great racing and entertainment for the Diecast games!  


It's been one of my favorite things over the last two years.  I'm sure it will be one of my favorite things whenever you bring it back again.  Be well.  

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DXPRacing 7/17/22

Jim, hope all is well!  Thank you for all you have done for Diecast Racing!  It will be missed but we understand the complexity of that event.  Take care of you and family and we will see you next year!!  

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Keith55 7/18/22

Good luck and remember it's about having fun!!!

All good Jum, life comes first.

Stay blessed and best to you and your family.


Next year we should do a Diecast games where the cars travel to different tracks across the country and do the different events. I can help organize it. If Jim would like to continue it can start and end at his venue. If you're interested Jim DM me. We can talk about it.

  • Uhhh, that would be cool. All the times drag races at like someone's Drag track. Then maybe the others split between 2-3 other venues.....That sounds cool! — Big_Poppy
  • Great suggestion /offer BLR. Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D

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