Official Redline Derby Axle Alignment Jig

redlinederby Sunday, 12/1/2019
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Axle jigs are currently unavailable

(As of Jan 2023) Due to ongoing technical difficulties with production, axle jigs are currently unavailable. I have no timeline for when they might be made available again, sorry. Troubleshooting the machinery has proven very challenging.

Cars that roll straighter will cross the finish line quicker. The official Redline Derby Racing Axle Alignment Jig is here to help get the most out of your custom built racers.

Buy now from the Redline Derby store

Alignment jigs are made on-demand and ship quick. Place your order now.

Product designed by Redline Derby Racing and made in Ohio.

Why you need a jig

An alignment jig is an essential tool in any modder's toolbox. The jig helps keep the axles straight and parallel when affixing them to the chassis when you do an axle swap or custom build. 

Our jig is compact and easily adjusts to the length of your chassis. It even has a handy parts tray and no-slip rubber feet. The jig is made from durable plastic that will last for years in your workshop. And these aren't just for Hot Wheels brand cars. Any 1/64 scale size car should fit just fine, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, etc.

Want one for free? Check out the upcoming mail-in races and events to find out if you can get an Alignment Jig for winning a race. And follow us on Facebook and Instagram for giveaways.


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Mattman213 12/2/19

Looks great, order placed!  See if my hand made ones are worth a flip compared to this one.  


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WorpeX 12/2/19

Whhhhaaattt RLD has a store now!?!?! Love this, purchasing one right now.

  • It's a sad store right now...but will hopefully add some more items over time. — redlinederby
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Rusty 12/2/19

Had to order one.....Neat deal!!

Just ordered mine!

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Mattman213 12/6/19

Boom!  Showed up just now (as did the Fairmont).  Looks amazing and will be used tonight to help with my 55/57 Race entries!!!

Thanks for such a cool piece at a great deal!


  • Awesome, glad it got there quickly. First time I had used Etsy to print shipping labels...good to know it works! Enjoy! — redlinederby
  • Did you do an axle swap on the Fairmont? Or have you been able to tweak an axle while set in the jig? — madmax
  • Nah, I built two of them using the Jig but in this case I got the Fairmont and the Jig the same day so I used it to show it off — Mattman213
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Go_Time 12/6/19

I was lucky enough to T&E (test and evaluate) these jigs, and I can say with 100% confidence these jigs are LEGIT!!! I built cars with my jig and the RLD jig and found the RLD jig to be just as true if not truer than my own homemade jig...this jig is legit!

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Rusty 12/7/19

So Much for so Little!!!!!

This is the rig to get.First class all the way.Makes me want to get to modding.

It's nice to see a hard product to market for RLD...a lot of RLD  Community insight in on the design which makes it very   cool and top notch...some very innovative people here on the site...Bravo 

  • Thanks, and yes, without the community support it wouldn't have even become an idea to try. I'm sure more concepts will make their way to the store in good time. — redlinederby
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Mattman213 12/7/19

Ok just tossing this out there.  I've been having issues...growing/learning pains mostly with doing axle tubes and having the car run straight and have all 4 wheels on the track at a time.  It's a learning curve for sure but last night I tried out the new jig for the first time and whatyaknow...first time I've had a chassis come out straight as an arrow and appears to have all 4 on the floor without a single adjustment.  Either I'm getting better at getting the tubes in straight and level OR the jig is the ticket.  Likely both but I'll take it and hope the good luck continues.  Might need to order another one so I can toss my home made jig out!


I just recieved my alignment jig.Thanks! Is there a video showing how to use it? I can't find anything on YouTube.

  • There isn't but that's probably something I should do! There should be some quick directions in the package. — redlinederby
  • But in short, put your chassis on the jig when you're placing your axles so they stay straighter while it dries. — redlinederby
  • Yeah follow the directions included and then adjust to fit your own techniques. If you adjust the jig using the chassis and original wheels before you remove them itll be set when you are ready to glue everything back together later. — Mattman213
  • Thanks guys! — RustBeltRacing
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Mayfield41 3/18/20

I am still very new in nodding but got the jig because I seen that having straight axles and level frames is important.  I love it already and my Escalade was my first. Hope it runs well for the march race at Red Pill Hill. 

  • *modding... I'm not a bobblehead — Mayfield41
  • Glad you see value in the jig. I hope it helps your cars move up on the podium! — redlinederby

Any approximate date when these will be available again?

  • Very soon. I had to move my printing operations due to a basement flood so I'm relocating and getting everything calibrated. I'll post an update when they're back on sale. Sorry for the trouble. — redlinederby
  • Sounds good thanks! — mountainmandelta
  • Jigs are back on sale — redlinederby
  • Awesome. Do you ship to Canada? — mountainmandelta

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