The diecast racing iceberg

redlinederby Sunday, 1/9/2022
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BLR's recent topic on shipping and mail-in entries got me thinking about all the various aspects of this whole racing hobby thing...some of which everyone sees but a lot of it is somewhat below the surface. And so being the visual learner I am, I made a chart to help see it.

Behold, the diecast racing iceberg...

Download the full size version

Now a lot of the things listed on the iceberg are not unique to diecast racing. They're things that any content creator has to deal media, video, emails, ads, etc. But it's important to realize that when you enter this hobby because you saw Chaos Canyon's channel and thought, "that looks like fun, I can do that!" there's a lot of other things that kinda come along for the ride you might not anticipate.

Anyway, just thought a visual aid would be fun to have. And the items on this list are just the things that I've dealt with over the years. It's not exhaustive and if there's something you've experienced that doesn't roll up into one of the items, please share and we can make the iceberg bigger.

...and on the flip side, you probably won't be doing all of these things either! Your duties depend on what you're looking to get out of it, right? If making money isn't on your list, then you won't have to worry about ads or sponsorships. More interested in just local community racing? Then all the social media stuff might not apply. And hell...if you're not doing mail-in racing then that lops off a bunch of overhead too!


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I'd add 'CarBuilding' somewhere on the waterline. You see the cars win or lose but none of the long journey to get to the start gate. Plus, Track Design and Maintenence seems to be where I live lately lol.

  • Good call, that's fair. That car building definitely plays into the journey of a race entrant. Actually, that'd be a good survey to see how many people do racing and hosting. A lot do both but some only one or the other. — redlinederby
  • I've had to scale back my building because of editing and building another track. — Kaiju_Colorado
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Chaos_Canyon 1/10/22

Great idea Brian.

I'd add training to the list as well - be it learning how to edit or getting to know your camera settings etc you always learn more, the more you get into it. 

Also add analysis - I spend time checking my reports to try and figure out what's working best etc. and I guess a subset of that would be trial and error, seeing what works for your audience and what doesn't - sometimes I've spent hours and hours on something to have it not really fire at all then another regular video will absolutely take off

  • I generalized those categories quite a bit on purpose, but you can deep dive into all of those pretty far. — redlinederby
  • Two years at this now and I never stop learning. — Vern01

I had organized European-wide vintage and scratch-built slot car Proxy Races for a couple of years with flying in to several tracks throughout the continent and hosting one on my track each year.

Especially in the first year hassling around with all racers about the rules was a nightmare for one of us, but in the end of the day it was also great fun for all of us.

Media (forums) coverage, photographing cars and events, scoring, organizing the tracks and making sure that all cars were there and back in time, and then sending cars to the respective owners throughout the world were almost full-time jobs for three people with their own businesses as "side jobs" throughout the season.

I can´t have more respect for everybody who does all this ... and it is the task of US RACERS to make it (mainly;-)) a fun thing for the organizers!

I myself am looking forward to sending in my first cars this years as a rookie to THIS hobby.

This is a great page for a great hobby and I´m enjoying every minute being here ... 

I like this a lot. So much perspective that many need to to see. 

Great info is crazy is not easy make videos

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Rainsford 4/2/22

Where does "pondering getting into S scale trains" land on the iceberg? Lol!

  • That would be down at the very bottom of the iceberg, somewhere around “my wallet is crying” and “I have to move back in with my parents.” — SpyDude
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Vern01 8/29/22

Thanks for this. Many don’t know how much work it takes. I use 3 cameras and that means more editing. Hopefully this makes the Little Lady understand. She hates me doing the editing.

Speaking of Chaos Canyon... and behind the scenes action to get a race going... is anybody (in the US) interested in collecting the US cars for his upcoming Outlaws race, and shipping them in bulk?

Asking for a friend...

  • Hey there. I can understand the thought, US Post is crazy costs. However I would suggest you may be better off posting this in the Chaos Canyon Thread, for the event. Cheers, Marc D — CutRock_R_Marc_D

I'm a former NERF content creator and after seeing some racer channels would love to get back into video creation. Will take a while to get everything I need back up and running, and doing it more as a creative endeavor rather than side hustle. I just hope my personal spin (which I'll reveal later) is enough to entertain y'all.

If you want to see any of my NERF stuff from back in the day, Chris and I were a YouTube channel called Click Click BAMF.

I'm glad this community is warm and welcoming. Thank you,


Nice! This graphic shows, like in most fun or worthwhile activities, that the behind scenes commitments of a dedicated few make the difference! A shout out to all the track makers and content creators that have made this such an interesting hobby to watch and participate in... from a noob just appreciating what I am seeing and learning!


F'D Racing

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Phil_NWA1 10/4/23

I really appreciate the time, effort and I am sure the frustrations that the YouTubers put into their content and the graphic is a great way to show this.

A huge thank you from an old guy from England who enjoys the straight drag racing to the open track.

  • you do any racing oner there? — dr_dodge
  • Only my own cars dragstrip racing straight out of the box. My place is very small, fortunately my wife is understanding about my hobby but even so time is limited so I am not in the way too long. — Phil_NWA1
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TrackJack 10/4/23

Nicely done!

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