The Birdco 1000, New Year's Day mail-in

Friday, January 1st, 2021
Hosted by Hot Wheels Calgary
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HotWheelsCalgary Monday, 9/7/2020

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I forgot to share this here the other day.....

The first car showed up already!

I'll be doing an update video soon in refernce to the "prize money" situation... it's been brought to my attention that this is not "Redline Derby Cool" so therefore it's not cool with me..... stay tuned...

For now, Here's the first car...

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Kit_Kayem 9/23/20


Car #2 has arrived!!

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DXPRacing 9/29/20

Is there a rule list or spec sheet to go by??  

  • Maybe check their Facebook page? I do hope he lays out all the details in a post rather than just videos. — redlinederby
  • Email me at and I will send you all the info! Hope you'll join us! — HotWheelsCalgary

Cars 11,12 and 13 have arrived!

(Sorry for my blunder in the numbers in this video)

Cars 18,19 and 20!

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