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Where: Continental USA
When: Saturday, August 2, 2014

Vehicle Hauler Cup - Heavy weight series



  • Vehicle entry must consist of two vehicles
  • One vehicle hauler, and one vehicle to be hauled
  • Vehicles must be joined, glued together…no loose projectiles
  • The car haulers will race, the vehicle being hauled just need to be there for looks, weight, whatever
  • Vehicle being hauled can be a car, boat, truck, canoe, plane, train, motorcycle, some type of vehicle, but it must be identifiable

Car restrictions

  • Height restriction:  1.30in
  • Length restriction: 3 1/2in
  • 75 gram max
  • Dry lubes only
  • No redline wheels

Format and schedule

Single elimination, 1 pt per win, 2pts for winning event


Schedule Aug 2 start date

Hosts...Looking for 5 different tracks and hosts.

Have your Haulers to DVB by July 29th...



74 Chestnut Hill Drive

Seekonk, MA 02771

  • Aug 2nd DVB series kick off
  • Aug 9th LJLRC/DVB 
  • Aug 16th Delta 6 Dragway
  • Aug 23rd Smitty international drag way 
  • Aug 30th Michigan, Traction Event
  • I would host the finals.

Registered entrants

 Sloppy, TNfish, Milton, 72 Chevy, Kharvest, DadVbal, Stroller, slash88, nightstalker, Fast Fred, FOTF,  D6, Calvinator, Clayfeat, 



That Road Roller is a nice combo...has new ideals churning through head now!
don't show Fred that pic... I will be in trouble
Okay now Clayfeat wants in please sign her up....she says she has an idea....thats always dangerous.

Now that sounds like a lot fun! Yesterday I was painting the ramp truck that Smitty sent me awhile back, so the timing couldn't be any better!

I was wondering about the redline wheels exclusion.  I remember seeing that restriction in other mail in tournaments before, but I guess I missed the previous reasons why.  Are they the originial FTEs? Or is it to level the playing field for the newer racers?

Probably because they are like me and don't want to see those beauties get scratched!
I can understand that about the whole car or event just the bodies, but not just the wheels.
Maybe it's so that no one is responsible for a car that might be worth more that a few dollars.
they have delrin bushings, the inner wheel & axles are round, least friction [race one]

"Bandit Towing" ... We'll see you in lane two !  ;

I know what I'll be building.....

I have seen some wild haulers here... some very long wheelbases... can someone with a handy Drag Tracks' starter box, measure from the starter pins back to the box's trailing edge...this may be the maximum "nose to rear wheels" measurement...


3 1/2 in from pins to end of start, and the finish line is 1 1/2 in high.

poor memory tells me the pivot end of the paddles protrudes a little with them fully extended... 1.30"

Great idea!  Gotta start going through my stuff for a candidate.

Looking good so far Smitty!


Looking good.

just a thought... the over priced single row of OREO, FIG NEWTON or LORNA-DUNE cookies at a convenience store come in a long square cardboard box... just what we need to protect the radical customs that the series will bring... and because some bases will be spliced, I feel we need more than bubble wrap...these boxes will also pack and ship well, AND WE EAT THE COOKIES !

if we all label our boxes it will make it easy on each host as they can re-use each truck's box getting the perfect fit for each racer...

Good idea Smitty.

Found this bad boy online. Not sure how fast it is but it sure would look good going down the track.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo imagejpg1_zpsadb4dfa8.jpg"/></a>

The rubber rear tires would most likely prevent it from even getting down the track.
But yes, it looks fantastic!
note the chopped top bug, to offset the shorter CHOPPED roof, he shortened the car's body, seen it real life '40 Ford sedan
note if he cut the top of the B pillars instead, file the roof edge, better look ?

this idea seems to have some support...i'll try to firm up some rules..

I went through all my cars last night looking for a hauler. No luck. Going to have to order one once I see what's allowed and whats not.

whatcha need ?

Okay, I am in way over my head. I tried making a hauler out of two perfectly good haulers.  Bad mistake. I cut the base of the HH and decided to JB Weld a couple of pieces of metal in to extend the frame. I cut the pieces of metal off of the frame of a paint roller.

Next I will attempt to fit the back end of the piece I cut to the other end of these pieces of metal and then I will try and stick it under this.

Yeah, I don't think it will work either but it was a fun way to kill 30 minutes this evening. The weird thing is when I opened the Hiway Hauler, it had 3 of the same wheels and one of them was completely different. Probably could have sold it for a couple of bucks to a collector that is into mistakes. 

Look for a casting called back slider....most of mine started as this...

I killed 30 minutes digging up these wanna be hollaz... back slider top left, cabin fever bottom left,

 ramp truck top right, fast bed holla bottom right...

That Fast Bed Hauler looks like just the ticket. Looks like it already has FTEs on it also.

nope, chrome wheels but plastic base makes for an easy wheel swap...

I think height is the hard issue to overcome on Dragtracks smittys dead on 1.30in is safe. I'm concerned anything higher may contact the finish line. So....

If you guys want I'll update the rules with all dimensions tomorrow and see who wants in on this. And a date...maybe after the before and after series wraps up...?

Sounds good to me. I will find something to run.

 Need to find something to haul...

read all the rules before you choose !
My stock fast bed hauler is pretty quick...

Sounds like fun!

Count me in!


1st post updated, any thoughts or input? What did I miss in the rules?

40th class reunion, family reunion and our street rod club's annual event are on the 16th... pencil me in any other weekend, the one that fits the series best !

 was I too quick?  as I built "Bandit Towing"  to best handle the "Burnout Track II" with a low center of gravity, I don't see the BURNOUT disclaimer in the new rules...? ... edited


What rule or lack thereof are you referencing with my hauler pic and your "Bandit Towing" car disclaimer?

1st rules said burnout track, they need low C G.
if at the end of the track - could be a factor!
Yes I mentioned it in the original post, not yet knowing who might host. No on.
thought it was fishtail hosting, begining or end the burnouts get your attention.

Still need to convince Fishtail...


I picked up a prize for this series first post.

and I started working in the shop today...sometines the cars make is a mock up of my plan.

sitting at 66g in pieces, Fire Eater chassis and cab, Fast Bed Hauler bed, and an all metal Miata...wish the wheelbase was longer...but that can be adjusted.

FIRE BEATER... yeh !
That looks very cool Chris!

I would like to sign up as a host for the 9th.  I can run a race on my track and on the 10th run them at the LJLRC meeting.  Up to you guys.

sloppies love double headers.. go dadvbal go !
the sloppies will do the double header deed if wanted...

Firmed a few things up on my build...the Miata had to go...but the Manx with high speed wheels should give me the edge...ha ha. Glued and screwed..sitting at 75g...test runs tomorrow.

this is gonna be good !

any more hosts? or intrest in this series?

I can host the 16th or 23rd.

i can host the 2nd or the 23rd.. whatever fits.

1st post more host and I'll move this to the mail in section. 

Thanks guys for stepping up.

This looks like a good series to get my foot back in the door! Count Enforcement Racing in!!

I just hope I remember how to build! Yikes!
Welcome back dude! Good luck (Although it's pretty easy to beat me ;)
You haven't races against me yet haha it's the same with me!

I'll toss in some cars and RLD swag for some prizes on this one. I can send them directly to the winner once the series is over.

Can't wait to see what people come up with for this one...

very cool, thanks!!!

Okay I am in but have no idea what I am gonna   1.30 in ht seems kind of difficult...

hole shot's hauler... fast bed hauler was over 1.30" off the bat...with car... 1.80"... ouch... start over H S...

 mine is so close I may be switching the coe 1948 ford cab for the "chopped" mig rig one...

I'm shocked at the small number of entrants.....

the drag track's 1.30" hight limit is the culprit...
I've got one that will clear....
It is still early and that 1.3" restriction is less than a 1/8 wide though!

If I do this, I'm gonna have to figure how to slam one of these things.

car on trailer does not need to function...take the wheels off...
Gonna hafta be a new build, this was built to be "cool" it's not very fast.

I'm gonna join. Looks like a fun one. Just have to find a hauler.

I found a ramp truck that I was going to use but it's weighs 69 grams right off the bat so scratch that idea.

Gonna see how tuff it is to put something together that meets the prerequisites.

Found this on hobby wide is that finish gate?

love the 666 express....Eddie lives...
buddy holly too !
That's one of my all time favorite bands!
Number of the Beast, baby! Yeeeaaaahhhhh
Powerslave is the best!
Wrathchild is a top pick for me too, even though its pre-Bruce
Another one of my favorites is Aces High, such a well-thought out song.
I like the trooper. Highly recommend that you youtube the guy play it on the harp

Could someone translate 1.3 inches into 32nds of and inch or math skills are not's the only kind of ruler I have.

1.25" = inch and a quarter...1.50" = inch na haf...
1.3" is as close as it gets to 1-5/16"

Oh here's an idea that people might scream at me for suggesting......why not race the hauler and load in one race then just the hauler then just the load.................let the screaming begin......(appropriate smiley here).

only in the finals as the "riders" will be glued on, pryed off.
Yep, the glueing would be the limiting factor for that idea. Although it sounds fun!

No screaming, but this race is for the Haulers loaded up and running down the track. 

We could all mount the "hauled" car upside down.  So you just flip them over and run them on the "hauled" wheels!  Introducing the new element of balance to the series.  

One truck to go.

Might have to get a little creative with the second one!


I've got an idea or two for this one...

Think I have a plan. Count me in.
Supergirl begat Super-Hauler!!
looks great but is that a costume malfunction on the poster ?
Flashbacks of Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson at the Superbowl halftime show.
LOL! That was my highlight of this thread!
Just thought I'd throw this out there, but I'm gonna use a 1:87 scale car on the flatbed. I think it'll help me make weight, and also give a bit better scale look. Hope that helps. Plenty of Hot Wheels & other manufacturer's 1:87 scale product lines on eBay.
cool ride/shaping up

I'll probably do something like that, too, with the smaller scale--with at least one of the trucks.  Mine'll be a Rush Hour car, ha-ha-ha (not entirely sure what yet for the second one).

I might do one with a Johnny Lightning Monopoly piece! FOTF will be proud Hahaha.

That he is! I actually thought of that just last night before I'd read this post.
Might be too heavy for a MONOPOLY SILVERADO, though...

Hauler, and friend...."Bandit Towing" ... tips the scales at 73.6 Grams ;


 and yes that "is" a FTE "way 2 fast" base peeking out from under the holla...

yikes, that has a low stance....Smitty means business
yup... plastic body and bubbletop, lead toolbox & big block

Added another prize


Looking for one more host to kick this off Aug 2nd.

hello kando... ?
LOL! Smitty, I thought about it, but my track dosen't quite have all the bugs worked out yet.

I will trade the 16th date if it makes a difference to someone not to host the opening round...

How low can you go? 1 Low Rider Hauler in the works fellas, will post pics soon from the "Stalker Garage"

Can't wait to see it!
Maybe it'll be fast too!!!! maybe not.
I sure hope I can make mine fast!

So far it looks like that Fire Beater is gonna be the one to chase.

 Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

looks fast but "thick as a brick" lacks sloppy aerodynamics
yeah, she's a bit of a tail wagger right now...trying to sort it out. Sloppy has a streamlined brick...ha ha

Hey TE, if you want to, instead of me + LJLRC doing a double header weekend on the 9th, put me in for Aug. 2nd and LJLRC will do the 9th.  It will make it a little easier on me having more time for pics at my house but only if no one else can do it.

this works for me, easier on you is a big bonus!

We can host one if you want; but I understand if you don't want a busy weekend (unless I could convince SDR that we could host the busy weekend).

Do we need fast fred to fill the bracket ?

build on brother build on....
I can't see why Fred couldn't compete in all the races....
it is not fair to have the sloppy jalopies enter 2 teams, so i hold back with fred unless needed to fill the bill.

Schedule is set...see 1st post. Once racing starts, I'll start a results thread.

Works for me--I can give DVB my entries at the LJLRC the Sunday beforehand (July 27).

Fred is going - topless Cabin Fever... haulin' a - topless '34,  body, mill and grill...

Introducing "Slammin Sammy" Stalk em , Slam em and Haul em.

This is LOW may have some problems on different tracks but we still look COOL.
I've always liked that old Ford Pickup casting.
Low boy racing!!! Sweet
Got my 1:87 in the mail today.
Stripped and ready
That looks sick! Ho did you polish the body so nicely?
looks tall... over 1.30 " hits the top of the DRAG TRACKS finish line...
What happened to Super Girl???
These are the Dremmel bits that I use for sanding & polishing.

I had some re-useable blister card scraps, measured and cut a 1.30" section from it... it creates a go / no go gauge if your holla fits through you are race ready... if not.... hmmmm;

watch your bubbletop !

You might have to pop that bubble!
it clears, but the lens on my camera won't get close enough to the deck to get a good pic
Will it clear the finish with the finish-line-stick thing hanging down?
paddle "sides" are what make the 1.30" maximum
Let some air outta the tires.

1.30 Is safe with a small margin...a hair or two taller and you'll be making a bang on the big end of the track.

I plan on video for the finals in this series

will there be disqualifications for "finish line aquired" bald spots ?

On the Smittysberg track I will actually have more clearance than the posted height limit.

On the Drag Track finish line post though the top of the mechanism is T shaped and does hang down into the opening about the depth of a regular toothpick when fully extended in its arc from either direction.  So the middle clearance is just a tad shorter.  I would say 1.5 inches maximum clearance for this track set up.

I think it would still be a good ideal if the other hosts make sure their start/finish gates have at least as much or more clearance than TE's home track measurement limits for the 1.3 inch height requirement! 

One with the track

One without the track

Yea, the Cobra is on the Hauler in both Pics.
Oh Poop! A bit too low. Ya can't see in these pics but the haulers bed is lower than the track wall. Yup, bed is too wide for the track.

This sounds like fun.  Calvin and I will throw something together from parts from his collection and enter it under Team Calvinator.   

Awesome.. a great-father son project!!!
great, if the "calvinator" doesn't race against you !

My track, sorry scale is in some math...  :)

Looks like 4 inches to me
Yeah, 4-inches looks right. Shoot for 3.75" if you want to ensure clearance
geez louise that is the metric side of the scale, look to the right 1 35/64" ?
There's a reason I have glasses...guess I should wear them more often ;P
4 centimeters then

I am withdrawing from this event as well.

What goes on Milton???
Read his post on the Workshop mail-in thread

I think I will have my name taken of the entry list as well. Sorry guys.

fast fred's hauler and haulee mock up ;

go fred go !

What is that green car model? Great idea, nice a compact.
Cabin Fever carrying a '34 Ford...
Barely made the cut! 3.75cm's
that is one Nasty Nancy

Boogers!!! Too Low!!  The bed is lower than the track wall !! Hello Mr. Dremel and a not so pretty but very functional shave job on the sides of the Hauler. Wasn't easy cuz the Cobra is already connected to the Hauler bed but we be OK now.

Anyone care to pick up the August 16the date?  If not we might have a mid-series break.  

  I have a family reunion, a class ['74] reunion and our street rod club's 43rd annual rod run all on the 16th.... but since I'm the next heet I can run 'em on Monday or Tuesday depending on recovery time [very long Saturday on my feet]... I am cool if other hosts want to give it a shot... we have almost a month to decide... make me our last resort...

 if you want in, PM. TE or me....

July 26th my 40th class reunion. Picnic
i graduated 86th out of a class of 520...DAD taught in room 211, so i had to !
I can take the 16th. LMK.
thanks delta 6
Do it!!

Delta 6, you got it...thanks!

I'm testing to see if this image works...this might be one of my's pretty fast, but I don't think it will be fast enough.

no photo shows for me?

Okay now Clayfeat wants in please sign her up....she says she has an idea....thats always dangerous.

nice rig...looking good
Introducing "Fat Man & Little Boy"
WW II atomic bombs, hiroshima and nagasaki
I was actually thinking the same thing, although I am sure Danny wasn't getting at that though.
flat black terror...nice combonation
Like the matte black, looks sharp
Yes, hope no one gets the wrong idea.

I like what I see so far!  Cool race idea Traction Event!

Isn't it too tall?...Stroller.

It's just under 3.75cm
I hope it fits under the finish line, if not its so heavy it may just take out the finish line! Lol! 74.7grams I'm pretty sure.

Mailing address added to the first post!!! Get em in early!!!


Ooooo, saaweet!

Guys and gals, I'll be leaving on vacation Friday July 4th and will be back on Sat. the 19th.  You're more than welcome to send entries early, but if they get here during that time period the Post Office will be holding my mail till we get back. Earlybirds may want to wait and mail them around the 17th or 18th to avoid any possibility of them getting damaged or lost while they are in confinement.

This public service announcement is now over.

17th it is... kick back and have some fun dadvbal...

so   if It can fit through the six lanes finisher will it fit Lol

"Drag Tracks'" finish has 1.30" of clearance

Delta 6's Fat Man and Little Boy arrive Saturday, safe and sound.  Very sinister looking.  Nice job D6.

Thank you. Hope they roll true.

Mine is packed and ready to ship out tomorrow.  Roll them haulers....

Hi Guys,

I've been pretty quiet on this thread, but I'm pretty happy about how my trucks are coming along! It will be easy to tell which trucks are mine (although, they are '69-70 Chevys C10, not a '72's)!

I should have them ready to send out next week...I'm looking forward to this series!


No rush. As I mentioned a few threads above I'm away for two weeks beginning Friday.

Rally case racing is in for the hauler race 

Just testing this image...trying photobucket rather than flickr...

I probably won't be using this hauler...but, we'll see :)

It needs to be weighted and painted, but here is one of far...

This I like!!!
Thanks Traction Event!

Here's another shot of the trucks...they will be finished up and sent out this week

Dig it!!
Thanks Delta 6!

The "Nighthauler" is on the way, hopefully it will be a contender some of those other haulers are lookin' fast!!

Clayfeat and I have to resign from this race.  She has been sick for over a week with strep throat and an ear infection.  She had a temperature of 104.6 and had to be taken to the emergency room.  Today she is feeling better and her temp is back to normal.  I haven't had time to finish my hauler and of course neither does she.  Sorry guys we will be in the next one..............Stroller.

get well soon clay feats... we need you !
Glad to hear she's feeling better -hope she recovers fast.
Have some chicken soup, won't hurt, lookin' forward to your return.

The Kart Haulers are ready to go...I will send them out tomorrow.

sloppy n' fast fred's hasty haulers will go out in today's mail...go fred go !

Well, Eilene is feeling 95% better so i decided I am going to send in an entry, or should I say victim?  Sending out on Monday and it's all stock so please don't laugh............Stroller

It was the Chicken Soup, wasn't it ? Welcome back, see ya the race.
It was in fact the chicken soup made by our neighbor, who used to be chef at a fancy hotel . I'm thinking a Hilton

Can we have a list of who has shown up so far? The anticipation is growing.

My hauler is on it's way, such as it is......Stroller

We got home late Saturday night and two packages were waiting.  Another came today.  Here's a list of entrants and the Haulers that I have received as of today.  I will modify the list as I receive more entries.

ARRIVALS in order received

#1 - Delta 6

#2 - Traction Event

#3 - Nightstalker

#4 - Rally Case

#5 - Stroller

#6 & 7 - 72_ChevyC10 (2 entries)

#8 - Calvinator

#9 - Sloppy Jalopy

#10 - Fast Fred

Still waiting for the following:

TN fish

Milton Fox





I believe this list has everyone that has entered, but please let me know if you have to be added or removed.  Stroller, if I read right, ClayFeat is out, right?  Hope she's feeling better.  

I will put the return shipping money in an envelope with the names and amounts of who paid and I will pass it on with the trucks when they are shipped.

With 72_Chevy having sent two Haulers we will have an even 16 entry field.  As soon as I have all entries I will take and post pics.  The bracket will be a random drawing from a hat, and once it is done I'll post a pic of it as well.   

72_Chevy, the rear axle on your red truck acts like independent suspension.  It rocks up and down as it's only secured in the middle.  I don't know if you sent it that way or if it came loose in travel.  There were no signs of damage to the box.  If you'd like, I can mix up a little dab of JB Weld and put a small amount on both sides of the center to help secure it, but that's up to you.  Please let me know.

Thank yes CF is feeling much better. I was scared for a while. A104.6 temp is not anything to dismiss. She is not going to be in this race
I am in this race and my hauler is up for grabs as a prize unless I I want it back.. Believe me that will not happen!!
Thanks DvB! It was like that when I shipped it...the front is secure. Let's see how it works like that :)
Ok, I'll leave it as is.

fast fred's and the sloppy's trucks finally got shipped this AM.

go fred go !

We could run "fast track" "slow track" at each venue.....:)...Stroller

Later tonight I will update whose entries I have received.  I'm hoping some will have come in the mail today.

Okay, here is how we stand as of today.  Nothing new in the mail today.

ARRIVALS in order received

#1 - Delta 6

#2 - Traction Event

#3 - Nightstalker (paid return shipping)

#4 - Rally Case (paid return shipping)

#5 - Stroller

#6 & #7 - 72_ChevyC10 (2 entries)

#8 - Calvinator (paid return shipping)

#9 - Fast Fred

#10 - Sloppy Jalopy

#11 & #12 - FOTF

#13 - Dadvball

Still waiting for the following:

TN fish



I'm still kinda new to all this...and I wasn't sure how return return shipping worked. I can PayPal you some $. Thanks! Chris
Usually you send the return shipping to the last person racing.
That would be Traction Event. I suggest you contact him.
Okay, thanks!

I don't want to be a jerk, but if I recall correctly Milton Fox asked to be removed long ago.

You're right, thanks. Don't know how I missed that. Just read through every post again to find it. Thanks!
No problem

No arrivals today.  Getting closer to race day.

No arrivals today.  So far we have 13 entries.

got a parcel from NJ. ... keep 'em comin' !...ooops wrong topic !

Another from Jersey?
yup... the jersey boys...from - Brick and Sussex, NJ.

Nothing in the mail Thursday.  Hoping for a few packages today.

My hauler should of arrived by now. 

I'll let you know when I get home later.
Kevin, nothing today. When & how did you mail it?

Is this race today?

no mail on Sunday...?

I was hoping to run the race Sunday.  Still don't have cars from tnfish, kharvest, and slash88.  Kharvest said his should be here but it hasn't come yet and I'm waiting to hear from him on when he sent it out.  I've also sent pm's to tnfish and slash and haven't heard from either of them.  Right now there are 13 entries.  I haven't done any preliminary work as far as the bracket 'cause I've been waiting for entries to get here for a final count.   With these not having to be mailed for next weekend's race I can wait another day or two to run them.  I will have to check with T.E tomorrow.

go DAD go !

Due to the fact Kharvest's entry hasn't gotten here yet, and I'm hoping he'll get back to me with when he mailed it, I'm going to hold off until at least Wednesday to run this race.  I'll be running them next weekend at the LJLRC meet so they don't have to be shipped to get anywhere before then.  So depending on my schedule they'll run Wed, Thurs, or Friday.  If I don't get any more entries I made an extra so there will be a 14 car field.

Sounds ok to me' you are hosting so make it work on your timing
That will work, just don't make Calvin wait too much longer ; )
I have lost cars in the Mail, hopefully this is not the case.

I could use some Smileys....:)..........Stroller

Nothing today.  Hopefully Kevin's racer gets here tomorrow or Wednesday.

Sorry for the hold up guys. Seems I can't catch a break lately. I recieved my hauler back in the mail because when I sent it out  it lacked a sending to address! Apparently it needs one haha simple brain fart guys I apologize again for the hold up. Just go ahead and run the series and I'll be a little more observant on the next one! 

send them here kharv, i'll get him into heet #3... i'll pm you my address
Aw, man--I'm sorry to hear that, KHarvest! Sounds like something I'd do.

Not too happy.  I'm trying to post the pics of the entries and I got 11 done before it timed out on me.  Now I have to start all over.

Teams, number 1 through 14 as they were received.  This will be split into two posts so I don't get timed out again.

#1 Delta

#2 Traction Event

#3 Nightstalker

#4 Rally Case

#5 Stroller

#6 72_ChevyC10

#7 Chevy_C10

Part 2

#8 Calvinator

#9 Fast Fred

#10 Sloppy Jalopy

#11 FOTF

#12 FOTF

#13 Dadvball

#14 Dadvball

Very creative it. Thanks to all who entered. This is gonna be fun. 

Okay, you will notice a few things.  Here are the answers to the possible questions.

Two entries have the cargo taped, not glued.  In the interest in having a decent number of entries they are being allowed to race.  In the event the cargo falls off they will receive a disqualification.

Two entries are quite a bit taller than the 1.3".  My track, as well as the LJLRC track, and Smitty's do not have the drag track finish line, so no problem.  They will just not be able to run on the drag tracks and will get a DNR.  

I am working on the bracket now, and with any luck will get it posted shortly.  Between problems with the Kodak program I use to download the pics shutting down on me several times, the PIA it is to get them to Photobucket and re-size them for here, and then getting timed out and having to start again, this has taken me two hours.  I hope you guys have a little more patience than I do.  lol

okay which ones are too tall??...:)

The trucks look awesome! Good luck to everyone in the race!

I'm actually thinking about having a pickup truck race in conjunction with the 'City' series race this Fall. I'll post the details in another thread.

Again, Good Luck, Everybody!


The bracket.

#11 FOTF vs #1 Delta 6

#5 Stroller vs #6  72_ChevyC10

#12 FOTF vs #10 Sloppy Jalopy

#7  72 Chevy_C10 vs #4 Rally Case

#9 Fast Fred vs #2 Traction Event

#14 DVB vs #8 Calvinator

#13 DVB and #3 Nightstalker have a first round bye.

Rally the Blimp. your builds lately have my eye

Looks great so far Dadvbal!  I know that all of the work that can go in to presenting one of these races can be frustrating when having technical problems.  Thanks for the fantastic pics and have fun racing 'em!

I thought this seemed appropriate.....

I promise I won't try that with any of your entries.
Neat, I'd buy a ticket to see that.

Got a late start but ran the first round.  The remainder of the racing will be done Thursday night.

#11 FOTF vs #1 Delta 6 - FOTF wins, taking the first race by 1/2 length, and the 2nd race by one length.

#5 Stroller vs #6 72_ChevyC10 - Stroller moves on, winning the first by 2-1/2 lengths and the 2nd by 2 lengths.

#12 FOTF vs #10 Fast Fred - The FOTF sibling scores the win, by 1-1/2 and 2 lengths.

#7 72_ChevyC10 vs #4 Rally Case - RC moves to the next round, by 1-1/2 and then by 2 lengths.

#9 Sloppy Jalopy vs #2 Traction Event - TE wins this battle by 1-1/2 lengths in both races.

#14 DVB vs #8 Calvinator - The Calvinator does away with 1/2 of the home team, with two easy 3 length wins.

Second round line up:

#13 DVB vs #11 FOTF

#3 Nightstalker#4 Rally Case

#5 Stroller vs #12 FOTF

#2 Traction event vs #8 Calvinator

Stay tuned, the action resumes later today.

Round 2

#13 DVB vs #11 FOTF

#13 FOTF wins the first by a nose.  DVB takes the second race by a nose.  And then FOTF takes the third race, eliminating a LJLRC associate, again by a nose.  Very close racing in this one.

#3 Nightstalker vs #4 Rally Case

#4 Rally case moves to the next round with two length victories in both races.

#5 Stroller vs #12 FOTF

#12 FOTF squeaks by with a 1/2 car length win, and then takes the second race by one length.

#2 Traction Event vs #8 Calvinator

#2 Traction event sneaks by in both races by a half length.

Round 3

#11 FOTF vs #12 FOTF, otherwise know as the battle of the brothers.

#11 FOTF scores an easy 1-1/2 length victory in the first race, and then holds on to win the second race by a half length.

#4 Rally Case vs #2 Traction Event.  There was a little pushing and shoving as I was taking the pic.  TE's Fire Eater kept rolling into Rally's hauler, much like two prize fighters at the weigh-in.

Don't know if Rally's hauler was intimidated, but TE's #2 takes both races by a narrow 1/2 length.


#11 FOTF vs #2 Traction Event

This was the closest racing of the event.

#11 FOTF barely takes the first race by 1/4 length.

#2 Traction Event squeaks by at the finish by a nose.

#2 Traction Event takes the win by another 1/4 length finish.  It was bumper to bumper until the very end.


Congrats on the win TE!

Congrats to FOTF on taking the #2 spot.

Just in case, I ran #12 FOTF against #4 Rally case for 3rd & 4th places.

#12 FOTF took both races by 1 length.

Here is the final bracket.

I will be filling out the bracket for Sunday's race at the LJLRC track and post pics of the combatants once they are figured.  Thanks for letting me run the Hauler's Cup!  It was a blast!

Congratulations to Traction Event on the win, and congratulations to Cameron for the runner-up!

Sweetness! Fire Beater gets a win!.  A bit surprised, this truck was still a tail wagger when it got sent out.

FOTF, and Rally case a good showing from both. Congrats!...but a lower finish line may cut them down to size. Time and tracks will tell.  Race on RLD

Thanks for pulling double duty DVB, double host and race director. Fantastic photos as well. Way 2 go! Best of luck this weekend.

Points: 1 point per win, and 2 for winning.


Congrats TE!

I still have much to learn about the world of Hot Wheels racing! I'll figure it out!

Thanks DVB, for hosting!


good show ol' boy, and with the big rigs at that....

 nice pix and presentation dadv... even if I did get an early spankin'

A big WTG one for DvB to.

Awesome racing!  Thanks for the great DVB production--all that effort getting the pictures up was well worth it.

Also, a very big congrats (and a handshake if we were in the same place) to TE for taking out the Purple Ram.  That's a fast Fire Beater Eater you've got there...I tried those two RC enthusiasts of mine (they must be, given the scale of their loads) out at the LJLRC just before I handed them over to Bill, and they were actually getting some good times (better than most of my cars seemed to be doing that day).  Fire Beater'll be hard to beat (but he'll be great if someone needs an emergency flatbed).  I look forward to seeing how this lineup does at the LJLRC this Sunday (even though I won't be there to see it in person).

Also, it's probably a good thing the Ram beat the Silverado...the Ram needs those extra points, since it sounds like the Silverado's a bit too tall to race at all the venues.  You'll notice a bit of a paradox if you take a look at the finishing distances between the Purple Ram, Fire Eater, Monopoly Silverado, and Blimp Carrier, ha-ha-ha (something like that actually happened a couple months back with some BWFs, a Redline Side Kick, and a Castrol F/C at the RIHWC).

Ok which haulers are too tall?  I can't tell.

Sarcasm? If not 4, 12...if I had to guess
They are both at about 2".

Even though I didn't have a horse in the race, this will be a great series to watch happen - from concept to cars to the bracket. Super creative solutions to very tight restrictions...and all the entries look great.

Congrats to TE for the kick-off win, good luck everyone!

very nice!  good looking haulers!

Where have you been hiding? Nice to hear from you on here

hello mr. everling's,  glad to hear from you...

Nice win Traction!  Thanks for a good show Dadvbal!!

Here's the lineup for today's racing at the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club.

#7  72_ChevyC10 vs #10 Sloppy Jalopy

#11 FOTF vs #5 Stroller

#14 DVB vs #1 Delta 6

#12 FOTF vs #3 Nightstalker

#13 DVB vs #2 Traction Event

#4 Rally Case vs #9 Fast Fred

#8 Calvinator (Bye)

#6  72_Chevy_C10 (Bye)

We won't be running these until early afternoon.  It probably won't be until sometime after 8pm tonight that I'll have the races and pics posted.  Good luck Gentlemen!

TE, I had to laugh as I was taking these pics last night.  Once again your Fireater was flexing his muscle.  It's the only entry that rolls in the photo box.  It took several attempts to finally get it to stand still so both trucks weren't directly nose to nose.  Aggressive little bugger!

That's a sign of a good racer, can't stand still

won't change the standings but the red holla is the sloppy... fast fred's favorite color is green...

Round 1 results

Races were timed using a Micro Wizard.

#7  72_ChevyC10 vs #10 Sloppy Jalopy

72_ Chevy takes out Sloppy, 2.250 against 2.290

#11 FOTF vs #5 Stroller

FOTF cruises with a time of 2.250 against the 2.291 of Stroller

#14 DVB vs #1 Delta 6

Delta6 takes care of DVB, 2.296 against 2.314

#12 FOTF vs #3 Nightstalker

FOTF wins with a time of 2.235 vs the 2.304 of Nightstalker

#13 DVB vs #2 Traction Event

DVB wins this one with a time of 2.242 vs Traction's 2.271

#4 Rally Case vs #9 Fast Fred

Fast Fred rolls a 2.268 against the 2.280 of Rally Case

Round 2

#8 Calvinator vs #7  72_Chevy

72_Chevy wins with a 2.270 against a 2.273 of the Calvinator - Super close!

#11 FOTF vs #1 Delta 6

FOTF wins with a 2.242 vs Delta's 2.290

#6  72_Chevy vs #12 FOTF

FOTF wins with a 2.242 against 72_Chevy's 2.278

#13 DVB vs #9 Fast Fred

DVB moves on with a time of 2.249 against Fred's 2.262

Round 3

#7  72_ Chevy vs #11 FOTF

FOTF runs a 2.225 against 72_Chevy's 2.263

#12 FOTF vs #13 DVB

DVB moves to the finals with a 2.245 against FOTF's 2.246.    Another close one!


#11 FOTF vs #13 DVB

#11 FOTF wins with a 2.243 against DVB's 2.250.

Congrats to FOTF on winning the LJLRC edition of the Hauler's Cup!

3rd place went to #11 FOTF

4th place went to #7  72_Chevy_C10

Congrats to everyone for sending an entry.  I'll be getting this boxed up and mailed.

Next in line for the Hauler's is Delta 6, right?  I talked with Smitty the other night & we thought they were going to him.  I just want to make sure I'm sending them to the right location.  Also, TE, can you swap the two numbers on Smitty and Fast Fred's entries please?  Smitty should be #10 and Fast Fred #9.  I had it wrong but I've gone back through all the pics above and changed them.  Thanks.

The LJLRC Hauler's Cup bracket

great work dadvbal, and a big thanks to ljlrc.... as for the winner..........

Thanks Smitty! Am I sending these to you or Delta? You're closer 'cause I think he's in WA?
busy weekend for me.... monday AM races ? or send them to DELTA 6
I'll be sending them to Delta then.

Whoa! shaking things up at LJLRC, different track...different results. DVB's Hearse Hauler put me in the meat locker early...then a run through the bracket to the finals. Nice work, and Hosting duties Thanks DVB!!!  Those Johhny Lighting trucks are showing some solid speed. Wins for 72 Chevy, and Fast Fred.

Congrats on a win FOTF.

Points: 1pt per win 2pts for winning, check my math... also swapped car numbers for SJ and FF

I love this stuff!!!!

OK racers, since we have a low number of Haulers, and I agreed to host/video the finals….  I wanted to add to the excitement (more video action) of our final race day with the Haulers. I thought I would also video a race of champions from my collection.

I’ll pick 8 Custom racers such as, my 300C FTE, Fiat 500c, Diesel Rat, Pro Stock Camaro, Bare Nova etc.

 I’ll pick 8 of my fastest Stock cars, Med Evil FTE, Ferrari 458 high speed wheels, Balistik HSW, Matchbox 300ZX Laser wheels, etc

Full list of cars in each group to follow, if this has interest to you all. If you think this should have a separate thread I can pull it from here.

 I’ll list car weights and specs. You guys can pick your cars and the winner will also get a prize.  Since we have 14 racers, and 16 cars there will be two spoilers in the mix. I will not participate in this portion of the event, just the other hauler builders.


Sounds good! Count me in!
Count me in Chris!
Nothing better than more racing!

Congrats FOTF! That Johnny Lighting is fast!

I was glad to see is wasn't just first round fodder on this track! :)

Thanks so much for hosting, DVB! And thanks, TE, for putting on this event!

Good luck to all in the remaining rounds!


Wow--I haven't competed this well in an RLD series in a long time!  Thanks for the great reports, DVB (and with some of those times, I almost with I'd left that Ram to race in Any Brand and/or JL Stock, ha-ha-ha!).  Also, congrats to DVB on second place (that Hearse Hauler's pretty fast) and to 72 Chevy on making fourth (long live the Go-Kart Carriers!).

Thanks, TE!  I'm honestly surprised the Fire Eater didn't do better.  What kind of track was it these trucks raced on at your house, DVB?

Thanks FOTF! Good Race! I hope my Kart Haulers like the next three tracks, so I can give you some competition!

Haulers are on route to Delta's track.  Should be there Friday.  #9114 9999 4423 8475 7121 29

Haulers have arrived. Racing tomorrow. I need to put a new piece of plexy-glass on my starting gate. I'll look over the rigs and update as needed.
Excellent racing! Everyone's cars were in great shape except for my "Fat Man". Had to jb quick the rear axle back into place and all was well. Cars are boxed up and headed to Smitty's. Here's a pic of the brackets:
good stuff delta 6 ... c 10 finishes #1 !

72 Chevy #6 made a big jump, and FOTF extended his lead at the top....cross country trip to Smitty's track!  Go Haulers!

POINTS, 1pt for a win and 2pts for winning the event

Whoa, that's a surprise!

Thanks for hosting, Delta!

Good luck to everyone in the next two rounds!


Congrats Chris!  That one seems to be picking up speed as we go on.  By the way, one of the guys at the LJLRC is a huge Chevy guy, and he wanted to ask if you might be interested in selling this truck when the racing is over.  He'd like to add it to his pickup collection.

Thanks for hosting this past weekend Delta!  Looking forward to seeing what happens in Maine.

Thanks DVB! I can make him one...send me a PM :)

The Posties stuffed a "box o haulers" in my mailbox... thanks danno ! ...bracket staging pix to come !...

the haulers series heet  #4 Auburn, Me.

the bracket ;

#11 draws a bye.

#7 vs. #5.

#13 vs. #3.

#12 vs. #14.

#6 vs. #16.

#1 vs. #8.

#4 vs. #9.

#2 draws a bye.

staging pix and racing to come ...

the staging ;

#11 draws a bye...


#2 draws a bye...

#7 vs. #5...

#13 vs. #3 ...

#12 vs. #14...

#6 vs. #10...

#1 vs. #8...

#4 vs. #9...

....lets go racin'...

Get those tires smokin' Smitty!  My #14 is definitely going down against Cameron but I've got high hopes for the Hearse Hauler!

I'm looking forward to this race too! This has been a very fun first race for's exciting to see how the trucks are doing!

Good luck to everyone at Smitty's!


Hoping for a comeback run in Maine....good luck RLD racers!

Pulled the cars out for inspection this AM...

 #7 wicked floating axle but rolled straight and smooth,

 #14 overhead plastic light rack from the yellow/ vette hauler was gone [in box],

 #12 pressed the "tape" back down, 

 #10 [mine] front drivers wheel was bound, no wonder it was last place, pryed it slightly and snipped off 1/16" of bumper...rolls good now,

#9 wicked tilt, but rolls good,

..... short track racing today ... Winterport, ME.... [1/8th mile]...

...track specs to come when set up...

...go haulin' racers go !

Some Maine-style, 1/8-mile going on today! Hope my guys have there reaction times dialed in!
home made starter, [1] 20" angled section, the 18" transfer, [5] 20" sections, micro-wizzard timer.

heet #4 is in the books with a couple of short track suprises ;

 #7 c10 takes out #5 stroller in two...1.380 to 1.349 and 1.377 to 1.353.

#13 beats #3 1.360 to 1.412 and 1.369 to 1.423...

#12 spanked #14, 1.348 to 1.371 and 1.369 to 1.375...

#10 trailered #6, 1.335 to 1.345 and 1.342 to 1.339... averaged...

#1 over #8, 1.354 to 1.3373 and 1.373 to 1.370...

#9 whips #4, 1.354 to 1.384 and #1.355 to 1.370...

end of round 1 ;

#11 rolls by #7, 1.358 to 1.376 and 1.353 to 1.383...

sorry pic failed...

#12 trips #13, 1.357 to 1.338 and 1.363 to 1.369...

#10 pops #1, 1.333 to 1.361 and 1.342 to 1.352...

#2 wiffs #9, 1.343 to 1.353 and 1.345 to 1.364...

end of round 2,

#12 squeeks by  #11, 1.350 to 1.346 and 1.343 to 1.355  average 1.346 >1.350

#10 rolls #2, 1.338 to 1.348 and 1.340 to 1.350 come from behind...

the finals ,

#10 wins over #12, 1.342 to 1.349 and 1.338 to 1.351

sloppy at the top...

... nice view !

Good job, Smitty! It figures that I would draw the winner in the first round! :)
when TE gets the haulers maybe he can get a close up of the removed bumper... could have been champion of the world..Dylan.
Who's Dylan?
Anyways, congratulations Smitty!
words to a Bob Dylan song... ask yer mom !
hurricane! nice win Smitty...please post a final bracket pic....great job, thanks for hosting
Aaahhhh I see! I'm too young and dumb to know some of those :D
Congrats Smitty! Awesome job and thanks for hosting!

the bracket... top 1/2 of a double elimination ...

track pic...140" total ...

 I had packed up the results, but on the short track all the cars ran between 1.333 and 1.412...

 -  .079 of a second difference between the 14 cars is great racing...

I'll bet the 1.412 belonged to my 'Vette Hauler. That thing is slow!

POINTS!!! things are tightening up mid pack...FOTF may have this one in the bag


So question to the racers, the cars that are too tall for my finish line...

Let them race and crash? or Do not start them?

IMO... don't damage your finish lines most vulnerable parts...rules said 1.30" duh ! park 'em

"My poor tire..."  OH, GET ME A VIOLIN!!!  Ha-ha-ha.  Good job, Smitty!  Don't mess with Sloppy on his home turf (I will say, that truck looked kinda like something that would be fast).  Thanks for hosting the race and for taking care of whatever tape issue was going on with the Crazy Taxi Silverado (it made all the difference on the track).

TE--I don't mind a crash (I don't THINK that would hurt the truck--certainly not the cargo), but Smitty's right--don't put your finish line at risk.  I there's a chance of hurting it, the Silverado won't mind sitting out.

cars are boxed and labeled... going out Monday AM...

...git that jiffy pop and a grape nehi out of the cupboard... we're going to the moooveeez !


TE, Cameron knew before the first race that the entrees above the height limit would most likely not run on the drag tracks and would receive a DNR.  He was fine with that.  I sent a message to RC about his entry but never heard back from him.  If they don't fit you can't take the chance of damaging your finish line, and I think that is understood.

By the way, I will be mailing the shipping money and a few prizes that were sent to me with the entrees to you Monday or Tuesday. I want to pick up a couple of things to add to the prizes.


parcel shipped out to pinkney... tracking # 911 490 123 080 162 713 5717... go racers go !

Chris, the extra prizes and shipping money got mailed this morning.  It is supposed to be there Tuesday.  Tracking number is 9114 9011 2308 6351 3447 39.

Just realized I forgot to put my money in so I will send it to you before the week is over.

dadv, you don't send money if you host and therefor ship them to the next host.

I'll be using this to populate the brackets

once chosen, I'll post a pic of the bracket prior to race day...or weekend.  Labor Day racing...

Cars are here, I'll look them over tonight. 

Ok here is the Bracket.

Now for the Bad News,

#12 FOTF, and #4 Rally Case are too tall...they will be parked this round. and the bracket will stand as is. if you were lucky enough to draw either of these guys in the first'll get a win.

MORE BAD NEWS!!!  USPS played football with the package. Cars #2, #3, and #14 sustained the following damage. Everything else rolls fine. I can mix up some JB qwik and repair these if the owners want.

Chris, don't worry about my lightbar. It won't make it go any faster lol!
light bar was broken before it got here... i used plenty of bubble wrap
Smitty, I agree the cars were packed well, box was in rough shape.
Yep, you had posted it. Didn't got any faster without either lol!
Wow, the top half of that bracket looks tough! All 4 winners!
maybe just tape it down. lol
Wheelstand on a flatbead!!!! cool

No problem with the Silverado--he knew it was coming, he's had his fun.  It never works out well for the customers when the post office decides to start recreational sports leagues.

Oh Man!

That sucks that the Post Office drop-kicked the box from Maine to Michigan!

Good Luck to everybody! I'm looking forward to seeing how things turn out!

Maybe if you increase the helium in the blimp, it could sail OVER the finish line?!  ;)

I think we can have that arranged :)

Go ahead and spit on it if ya think it will help. lol

here in sloppyville we might a grabbed a hacksaw and made a boat of it ... Hmmmmm

Race to follow. Should have it posted tonight...followed by final points...etc...

OK, this series is in the books, great builds guys.  Congrats to the race and series winner.

Thanks to all who entered.  Returns and prizes will go out in the next week or so...need to find some additional boxes.

Final Points



Some very close racing...great stuff all!

Thanks for an awesome series, Traction!  (And thanks to Smitty for taking you out--otherwise we might have had a tie-breaker on our hands!)

And I didn't even score a single point in the final round...

A very good race and series to all!  The first FOTF's ever taken!

Thanks for putting this together, Chris! What a fun series! Congrats FOTF AND Smitty!

The video was awesome...Great job, TE


Great job to everyone who hosted & raced!

Congratulations to FOTF for winning the series, and congratulations to Smitty for picking this weekend's Wally!

love the mooveez...thanks TE... congrats fotf on your first series win...
Yes congrats on first series victory....and Smitty...coulda shoulda.... rig sir




Thanks Chris for a neat series!  I just love haulers and tow trucks!  Hey wait! There's an idea.  How about a series with a tow truck towing a vehicle?  Just kidding!  Or am I?

Anyway, congrats Smitty on winning the last two races.  And congrats to Cameron on winning your first series!!!  I'm hoping to get in the Winner's Circle one of these days.

I was thinking something similar, Bill...a pick-up truck and race car team...hmmm
crew chief's challenge ?... 1 racer and 1 pick up truck.. Hmmmmm. !
Yup, that's what I'm thinking, Smitty...pick-up, pre-war hot rod racer...heck, with optional car trailer!
the LJLRC want's to judge our cars for a show winner when they host... car on trailer contest ?
Car on trailer contest sounds awesome! I'll get a thread going for this sometime soon!
I might be into this if it gets going, sounds like a fun series.

Packed and ready to ship out tomorrow

Spokane, Sussex, and Brick...

TE. if ET Racing want's the sloppy red bandit towing truck for a testing mule,  please roll it his way... thanks

Smitty, its one of the fastest things ever on my track... put it in the Sloppy Test facility
we don't test here in sloppyville
I'll take it if no one wants it :p

Packages to Auburn, and New London head out today...hope to have the rest out tomorrow

I'll keep my eyes out!  Thanks!


Hauler made it home safe and sound....Thanks!

Should have a few prizes in there for picking the winner in my ROC....
OK, Thanks. I didn't think the hauler won anything. lol

FOTF made it home--along with a great stash of prizes!  A great tractor trailer with a Gov'ner for a load, along with a bunch of cool mainlines.  Thanks, Traction (and whoever else contributed to the prizes--I think DadV was one of them).

Congrats on your first series! DVB, Smitty, Stroller, and I pitched in on prizes
Thank you!

cars returned... and a big thanks for the prize package,,, www  gov'ner stays here... fast fred's favorite car is bone shaker, he will flip out... very generous... thanks to all ... 

that a first editon...i hear its rare...but i know you'll do what is right and cut it up for the wheels. Go Smitty Go!!!
i think only the 1st editions had wide white walls... different www thicknesses

Final round of returns went out today...DVB, Rally Case, and D6/JDC....sorry for the wait, but it should be worth it. 

When they get here, they get here. No worries. It's not like I need them for more racing.
good one !

got the Blimpmobile back today with an overly generous stash of goodies including 2 carded, one classic and two 1980s.  Thanks TE, that's way above and beyond.

Got mine & Calvin's haulers back today in great shape, and we both thank you for the FTE BM's.

Got mine back Saturday. Thanks for the extras TE!  I don't have any of them in my collection so I'm looking forward to running the Carbonator. 

Stuffed some loose cars in with the HAULERS prizes box and shipped 'em to Fast Fred... soon to be happy boy !

thanks hauler's series prize donars...

Glad you all, liked the's what this site is about...sharing our hobby and having fun.


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