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Official Redline Derby Axle Alignment Jig

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Just received mine in mail this week.


I have an idea for an aftermarket accessory kit for builds. I don't have a way to manufacture myself. I don't want to give the idea away tho either. Would enjoy bringing home a little bacon on it, not the objective, tho it'd be a bummer to miss out on an idea that became in demand as I have a hunch my idea will be.

  • you can "self copyright it" first draw and describe it completely, even design "fails" to the final product. Then mail a certified letter to yourself, and it is only opened by a judge in court. better than nothing. some music people do this with all their original songs. — dr_dodge
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Keith55 6/2/24

Can someone explain what this is for and how this works? I have never used anything like this while modding however; that may explain why my cars are not up to snuff.

Thanks as always,


  • you glue the axles in on the jig. the wheels stay in line while it dries. I searched and didn't find a thread that explained it. the instructions that come with the jig explain it well. Maybe redline will jump in with a pic/instructions — dr_dodge
  • Thanks for the info — Keith55

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