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Official Redline Derby Axle Alignment Jig

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that epicly usefull

  • And absolutely worth it. You will want one if you are modding cars. — SpyDude
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BiffsPlace 5/6/21

Works great! ????????

  • Sweet! Glad you like it. Love the colored logo, ha! Do you like the rubber add-on? Should hopefully help somewhat to reduce the cars slipping around on the plastic. — redlinederby
  • The rubber add-on is a VERY good idea. A lot of cars will slide back and forth on the plastic if you accidentally bump the jig. (I solved that problem by looping a rubber band around the base of the car and the jig.) — SpyDude
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redlinederby 8/18/21
Site manager

Just a quick update that jigs are back in-stock and ready to ship.

My printing operations went offline for a while but everything is back online and working properly so I can start taking and fulfulling orders like normal.

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redlinederby 10/6/21
Site manager

The holidays are right around the corner and pretty soon shipping will be a worry, so order your axle jigs now and have them in plenty of time for gift giving season.

And hey, there's no shame in asking for one for yourself. Just give a friend or loved one this link and tell them you wouldn't mind finding a jig in your stocking. 

No diecast workbench should be without a jig. 

  • Monster Motorsports endorses the Redline Derby Axle Jig! :D — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Is there a page on this site with links to everyone's etsy shops like the youtube channel list page? — banjosomers
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Crazy_KC_Jnr 12/30/21

Hey guys I see these are sold out, are you planing on making anymore of this product?? just be handy for even build Kustoms with wheels the need to be set in place, talk soon cheers KC

  • Yes, the jigs will be back on sale soon. I'm away for the holidays so had to take them offline. Should be back in-stock next week or so. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 1/14/22
Site manager

I'm happy to announce that the axle alignment jigs are back in-stock and ready to ship!

Order now through our Etsy shop. Great price & quick shipping!

I'm sorry they were unavailable for so long. I couldn't fulfill during the holidays and when I started production back up I had to wrestle with my printers a bit...apparently they didn't enjoy being lonely over the holiday.

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GhostRacing 1/15/22

Felt like I found the golden ticket with this one...

Just ordered mine! ;-)))) Orange would be nice ... ;-))

  • Thanks for the order. Red is the color right now but it'll look great either way! Thanks for your support. — redlinederby
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dr_dodge 11/1/22

Are these still available?

Etsy says all sold out



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BadWoolRacing 12/10/22

Are these coming back? The store says they're out of stock and the original post was three years ago which has me asking about future availability.  Thanks!

  • I'm 3D printer is a harsh mistress and right when I think I have things dialed in, she gives me attitude. I'm hoping to spend some quality time with her during the holidays and will hopefully get the jigs back in stock. Thanks for your continuing interest. — redlinederby
  • technology is wonderful, until it gets an attitude — dr_dodge
  • Hello, again. Just checking in to see if there is an update on the next batch becoming available. — BadWoolRacing
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redlinederby 3/21/23
Site manager

I'm happy to announce that the RLD Axle Jigs are once again available!

We've partnered with Slanman Customs as our exclusive online retailer. You can purchase an axle jig from the Slanman Customs shop along with other track add-ons and accessories.

Place your orders now

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MrDarq 3/29/23

This is awesome, could we get a set up spacers designed with this?

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