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512 Cars, double elimination, 1 winner!

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WorpeX 1/14/20

Top 32 Is Decided! Round 7 Losers Bracket

Okay! That was a lot of highlights. So, match-ups for Round 7 Winners Bracket time!

Can't wait to see your picks and race them!

Thanks for reading!

  • GO STOCKER! Man Mongoose vs Silver Bullet is gonna be a wild one and deep down Im kinda hoping Turbolence has something for the I-Pace. F40 vs V16 will be interesting as well! — Mattman213
  • Can’t wait to see how these post out. Turbolence will definitely be the acid test to see just how quick the ID car is. The conqueror of The Bump shouldn’t be taken lightly..... — RobertBcfc
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WorpeX 1/15/20

A League Of Their Own

Round 7 Winners Bracket results are in!

...and the matches weren't even close! It's like the final 4 cars were in a completely different realm of speed. The only car to keep its match within a car length was the Ferrari F40. Perhaps the V-16 is slipping? I guess we'll find out!

Mongoose -B- Silver Bullet
Jaguar i-Pace ID -B- Turbolence
Way 2 Fast -B- Mercedes AMG-GT ID
Ferrari F40 -C- Cadillac V-16 Bling

The Final Test Before Play-offs!

These cars are 1 win away from entering the play-offs! The playoffs will be the video rounds and will be the final 18 cars of the tournament. Round 8 match-ups are ready to view!

Ferrari 458 Italia FTE -vs- Silver Bullet/Aeroflash
Mattman's Chevy Stocker -vs- Cadillac V-16 T-Hunt
Ferrari F40 -vs- Acura HSC
Straight Pipes FTE -vs- Turbolence
Stingray Concept FTE -vs- Snake
What-4-2 FTE -vs- Turboa
Super Comp Dragster -vs- Mercedes AMG-GT ID
Shadow Jet -vs- Hammerhead FTE2
Honda Spocket FTE -vs- Ford GT-40
Lamborghini Estoque -vs- Triumph TR6
Virtual Collection Way 2 Fast -vs- Dieselboy
Centomilla F40 Mod -vs- Lancer Evolution FTE
Porsche 917 -vs- Speed Bump FTE
Turbo Flame T-Hunt -vs- HW50 Concept

Mongoose -vs- Cadillac V-16 Bling
Jaguar i-Pace ID -vs- Way 2 Fast

Can't wait to race and thanks for following along!

  • Dang, both my old school picks got beat down. Hope the ole Stocker can spoil the TH V16's chance to get back in! — Mattman213
  • The Stocker got a tough draw, but the TH V16 isn't as quick as the Bling. I think you got a good shot! — WorpeX
  • Oh yeah of the two Ide much rather take on the TH! — Mattman213
  • Amazed by the Jag, nothings got close to it so far. Mongoose to win it all for me now, but I’m stopping myself from ruling out the Jag from here on in — RobertBcfc
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WorpeX 1/17/20

A 5 Year Streak Ends.

  • August 9, 2015. It was the Grand Finals of a minor "fun" event called the Double Hills Tournament. The track was WorpeX.Nets older pinewood derby track up in Allentown, PA. It featured 2 bumps in the track which served as obsticles for the cars and changed up results a little bit. The two finalists line-up at the starting gate. It was the first and only official match-up between two of the greatest cars in WorpeX racing history - Way 2 Fast and the Cadillac V-16 Bling. The result was shocking and we all knew it would be the start of a dynasty... but we all thought it would be for the match winner, Way 2 Fast. It was not. The Cadillac V-16 may have lost this gimmicky tournament, but it would not lose again for a long long time. 24 wins, zero losses and nearly 5 years. It won two major tournaments... but on the 25th race, in the biggest tournament in WorpeX Racing History, Mongoose has finally broken the streak. It ends the greatest dynasty this racing team has ever seen. Perhaps a new dynasty has been born!
  • The winner of that ancient tournament, Way 2 Fast, also lined up in the winners bracket semi-final. It met the same fate as V-16. The changing of the guard is now complete! Jaguar i-Pace will meet Mongoose in the Winners Bracket Finals!

Mongoose -D- Cadillac V-16 Bling
Jaguar i-Pace ID -B- Way 2 Fast

Play-offs are a go!

  • Ferrari 458 Italia FTE -B- Silver Bullet/Aeroflash
    • The Full Draft play-offs just wouldn't be complete without the Defending 2011 Full Draft champion, Italia! Interestingly, Italia took its loss in round 5 to a Shadow Jet which the Silver Bullet then beat in the next round. So it seems Italia was holding back to start the tournament. It's looking Faster Than Ever now!
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Ford GTX-1, V-16 T-Hunt and Dodge Caravan.
  • Mattman's Chevy Stocker -C- Cadillac V-16 T-Hunt
    • Mattman himself hand-selected this Chevy Stocker to join WorpeX racing and boy did he pick a good one! Coming through the expansion draft, it has only lost to the Jaguar i-Pace so far in this tournament. Only 2 cars have taken that i-Pace to a C match grade and the Stocker is one of them. That's a good sign for its future chances in this tournament!
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: 300C HEMI FTE, 65 Corvette, 2009 Stingray Concept
  • GMS Ferrari F40 -D- Acura HSC
    • A car you can never count out is the Ferrari F40. It took a respectable loss to the legendary V-16 in Round 7. With V-16's recent demise and inclusion in the play-offs, it stands to wonder if the F40 is now on borrowed time.
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Dieselboy, Yellow F40, Ferrari F50
  • Straight Pipes FTE -C- Turbolence
    • The Unofficial winner of Season 1, Shade (as this particular car is nicknamed) came into this tournament with high hopes to reclaim his title.That is, until it took a brutal Round 7 loss to Jaguar i-Pace. Now humbled, the Turbolence will have to fight its way through the play-offs to make it into the finals.
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Speed Bump, Acura HSC, Taurus Stocker
  • Stingray Concept FTE -B- Snake
    • Hotwheels Classic Rivalry - Snake vs Mongoose - is still a dream finals match-up! However, Snake will have to get through V-16, whom it lost to in Round 5, to even have a shot at Mongoose.
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Stingray Concept FTE, The Demon, Frontrunnin' Fairmont
  • What-4-2 FTE -C- Turboa
    • In an unofficial FTE tournament a few years back, the What-4-2 was declaired the Fastest FTE on this track. It's crown was questioned in Round 6 when it lost to future Finalist Mongoose. In the play-offs it'll square off against many other FTEs and it hopes to be the last one standing!
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Sol-Aire, Ford GT40, SRT Viper ID
  • Super Comp Dragster -C- Mercedes AMG-GT ID
    • This Super Comp Dragster may be more familiar to Redline Derby Fans then you might think. It competed in two mail-in tournaments: 2012 Featherweight Challenge I and 2013 Drag Car Challenge [Pro Stock]. While it didn't have a podium finish in either events, it performed well enough. In the Full Draft, its also performed well enough, taking its only loss to the winners bracket semi-finalist Way 2 Fast.
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Thomassima 3, Shredster, Mercedes C-Class, Exotique
  • Shadow Jet -D- Hammerhead FTE2
    • On paper, the Shadow Jet comes into the play-offs as a bit of an underdog. It doesn't have the pedigree of many of its peers but it raced hard to get to where it is! It's loss came to a car who did not even make the play-offs, the Silver Bullet, who looked to have worn out from all the racing.
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: 458 Italia FTE, Mustang GT FTE, GT Racer
  • Honda Spocket FTE -C- Ford GT-40
    • The Expansion draft was the hardest road possible for any car in this tournament. This is evident by all 3 of the winners making it to the play-offs! Like Mattman's Chevy Stocker, the Spocket took the seemingly unstoppable i-Pace to a closs C Match Grade. The sky is the limit for the Spocket who hopes to get a rematch against the Jaguar and win the whole tournment!
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: 300C HEMI FTE, Lotus Sport Elise FTE, Jaguar XJ220, Ballistik
  • Lamborghini Estoque -D- Triumph TR6
    • Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Triumph finished second in the 2011 Full Draft. 4 of its 8 matches in this tournament have ended with the closest race grade possible, D. It seems to run better the longer the race goes on and it hopes that the futher it goes into playoffs, it'll be unstoppable. It's only loss was to Way 2 Fast in round 5.
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Jaguar XK-8, Nerve Hammer, Sol-Aire
  • Virtual Collection Way 2 Fast -D- Dieselboy
    • This match was the toughest fought race in the tournament! While our racing format generally prevents matches from going over 4 races... this one went into 3 extra innings. It took 9 races for the Dieselboy to finally claim victory and advance into the play-offs. Perhaps thats sign of things to come, but a win is a win! It's loss came to the Ferrari F40 in round 6.
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Retro-Active, Lamborghini Estoque, Power Piston
  • Centomilla F40 Mod -B- Lancer Evolution FTE
    • Before What-4-2 came along, the Lancer Evolution claimed the crown as the fastest FTE in town. It was a big contributor on WorpeX Racing's Redline National League team and was the only car on the team to win its semi-final match-up. A respectible loss to V-16 is what has held it back up to this point in the tournament, but it hopes to challenge What-4-2 as reclaim the fastest FTE crown!
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Ferrari F50, Hammerhead FTE2, Straight Pipes FTE
  • Porsche 917 -C- Speed Bump FTE
    • The Speed Bump has certainly lived up to most of the Hype around its name. It's got some serious speed! When looking at the top 18, however, you wonder just how far it can really go. It's had some close races to cars who it should have beaten easily and took its first loss in round 6 to Turbolence. It's an uphill battle from here for the crowd favorite Speed Bump, but the hype is real!
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Chrysler Firepower, Probe Funny Car, Pontiac Stocker
  • Turbo Flame T-Hunt -C- HW50 Concept
    • The HW50 claims the final spot in the field of 18! Watching this car go down the ramp is special. It almost looks like it has afterburners which it turns on only after it goes down the slope. In this race, the Turbo Flame seemed to have it locked up half-way down the track until the afterburners kicked in and the HW50 flew past! HW50 has been in the losers bracket the longest of any remaining car, getting an unfortunate pairing against V-16 in round 4. With its afterburners, it fought its way back here and intends to dial them in for a bit more speed in future matches!
    • Other Major Tournament Wins: Amazoom, Roborace, 1957 Chevy

  • Pink on Pink crime! Glad to come out on top in that race. Gotta get some momentum up to try and get to the top! — Mattman213
  • Can’t believe the Jag - looks like nothing gets close. Wonder if other people are having the same experiences with this one, or if you’ve got an absolute dynamite one that’s much faster than the norm? I’m definitely going to get one and give it a go — RobertBcfc
  • Yeah I wonder that too! The wheels are flawless on it, so I definitely got a good one, but are they all like this?? It's a new casting for the ID line which is track focused, so maybe Mattel put some serious effort into making it a racing legend! — WorpeX
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WorpeX 1/29/20


It took an absured amount of time to make this video. I hope everyone enjoys it and thanks for following the tournament!

  • Heck yeah that was super entertaining for sure!!!! — Mattman213
  • If it weren't for the darn Jaguar your Chevy woulda won it all! Going to have a ton of fun with that rivalry over the years! — WorpeX
  • Makes me wanna do a tiny bit more to it to see if smoothing it out a bit more would give it a better shot! That Jag is legit, wonder if they all are or if you snagged a freak! — Mattman213
  • Nicely put together, sir. All the on-screen data is awesome to see. Well done series in total. Respect the hard work. — redlinederby
  • Awesome vid! Loved watching that. Shame to see the Bump lose early, mine destroys my Italia FTE and my Blue Triumph FTE but great set of races overall. Can’t believe the Jag took it! I think you’ve probably propelled it to the top of a lot of people’s shopping lists! — RobertBcfc
  • Just getting to the top 18 is a crazy feat. These are the top 4% of cars on this track! The Bump is FAST and it was still a great showing. — WorpeX

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