Collecting and OrganizingA Redline a month....does this collector good.

I'd love to scoop up more, but I tend to find 3-5 that I want and focus on those and try to win one, then set my max price and proceed. I'm still focused on 1968-69 castings, US and HK which are kept in US and HK separate displays. The love for the Beach Bomb is still going strong, that much is sure especially with the original surfboards. The louvered window Custom Mustang and the open hood scoops from day maybe. Did find an auction last year for the purple/purple HK Custom Barracuda last was in/is very very nice shape and went off at 5:45 am EST and landed it for $45. I'll finish the Sweet 16 and the 1969 line and branch out, also want to mod a Noodle Head in the future. Happy Hunting!!!