Beaverworx Weekly events!

Beaverworx Wednesday, 9/15/2021

Hi folks... We are currently working on getting more organized with the order of the events at the Igloo Proving grounds!

The order of events rotate Rock Drop Jump, Stoned Road Challenge, Pebble path, and will be in between the Mainline Review vids. Mainline review vid, then the Stoned Road Challenge, then anouther Mainline review, Rock drop Jump, Mainline review ect.


Drivers call's will be avalable throu the community tab on the youtube channel. They will show up monday or tuseday evenings and are a first come first serve... for now and are avalable for the Mainline review race's!


We will also keep the posting up hear on Redline as we are a huge supporter of the page, platform.

More updates and event news are on the way...

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