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Bootleg Run - Dixie Gran Prix

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The Formula 5000 is out of the jig and ready for weight and graphite.

  • Sitting at 39.7g right now...will get to 57g — LeagueofSpeed
  • I don't think either of my cars will see above 50g... well done. — Traction-Event
  • Thanks TE...helps it was metal/metal to start and a great tungsten puddy candidate. — LeagueofSpeed

Gotta love the cavity in the bottom of the chassis...starting to get it up to 57g.

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41-14 8/10/18

  • #2 Is out of pit row and ready for Boot Leg Run. Sitting at 50 grams. Already been claimed by Little Bug Racing. — 41-14
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41-14 8/10/18

  • #3 and #4 are in the shop now. Trying my luck with axle tubes because I can’t find anything wide enough to fit — 41-14

Loving it....this is going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YES!!!!! Yes it is. — 41-14

47g... minimal additional tweaking needed

  • Looking Sweet TE!!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Nice looking ride TE. Looking forward to racing against you. — 41-14
  • Although I’ll probably get my ass handed to me. — 41-14

Getting ready to button it up...checks in at 56.7g 

Done and ready to Run!!!

  • Sweet. Looking good LoS. — 41-14
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41-14 8/13/18

  • Taking her out for a run. I’m strapped in and ready to roll. Sitting at 56 grams. — 41-14
  • I'll meet you on The Reapers Switchback....Labor Day Weekend USA — LeagueofSpeed
  • The reapers switchback may have the last laugh if I go over. Heads will roll for sure. Lol — 41-14
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Jav74 8/13/18

My entries will be on the way tomorrow 

  • Sounds Great...I'll be on the Look Out!!!!!!! — LeagueofSpeed

Cars are due in 2 weeks and 4 days....Gett'em Built and Gett'em Shipped!!!!

Hot Wheels Racing

ND Racing

Scottman 27 Racing

...and the entire Legion of Speed are in House and ready to Run.

  • Be sending ours on Wednesday or Thursday shipping 5 to 7 business days. — 41-14
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41-14 8/13/18

  • Little Bug Racing is ready for the Dixie Grand Prix. — 41-14
  • You go Girl...The Legion awaits your arrival. — LeagueofSpeed

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