Casa Cristo 5000 Grudge Match - Qualifying

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021
Hosted by eXtreme Diecast Racing by WXGP Enterprise, LLC

Race review


Qualifying Time Trials for the Casa Cristo 5K Grudge Match is complete. Here are the Pole Positions of the top 20 racers. opportunities are still open. Message me with your choice. See video link for details. Race filming for Heat 1 starts this weekend.

Pole Positions:
1 Phantom Rex Racer (Racer Motors)
2 Taejo Togokahn (Togokahn Motors)
3 Rude Noodles (Mrs. Oats)
4 Zoomishi (Quiet Sensations Toilet Paper)
5 Speed Racer (Racer Motors)
6 Jack "Cannonball" Taylor (Royalton Motors)
7 Kakkoi Teppodama (Musha Motors)
8 Racer X (Independent)
9 Rex Racer (Racer Motors)
10 Speed Racer (Racer Motors)
11 Gothorm (Thor-Axine)
12 Delila (Flying Foxes Frieght)
13 Snake Oiler (Hydra Cell)
14 Unknown (Écran Etablissement)
15 Kelly “Gear Box” Kalinkov (Roof Inc.)
16 Racer X (Independent)
17 Second Wind (Hot Wheels)
18 Prince Kabala (Independent)
19 Snake Oiler (Hydra Cell)
20 Sonic “Boom-Boom” Renaldi (Gödelian Autonomics)

= Casa Cristo 5K Grudge Match Heat 1 Results =
1. Zelda Diecast Racing (Sponsor) - Phantom Rex Racer (Driver)
2. Greg O's (Sponsor) - Taejo Togokahn (Driver)
3. Zack P. (Sponsor) - Rude Noodles (Driver)
4. Diamond Auto Wash (Sponsor) - Zoomishi (Driver)

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