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ChiefWopahoo 1/19/21
2020 Rated Rookie

10,000 flip'n hotwheels in my basement and I didn't have one of these - but I do now!!!  So I'll give it a shot. Add me to the list - Thanks

Going to have to go hunting for one but count me in 

Let's try this out! I'm in...

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Dadvball 2/2/21

I have checked every WM, Target, and grocery store near me since I said I'd enter. Not a one to be found. And they were everywhere before. 

You guys don't all live around here do ya?

  • That's one of the major truisms re: peg warmers. The models are drastically different in various regions. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Sorry :( Kinda guessed they'd be warmers all over...still plenty of time to hunt though. — redlinederby
  • I have an extra one I can send you, if you PM me. — GenX_VintageRacing
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Flip81 2/3/21

Flip's Racing is in!

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MoparMAC 2/4/21

MAC Racing...comin' at ya!

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DXPRacing 2/4/21

If I can get mine back to me from a race, count me in.  

Please define " Voxxer Racing Treatment " ???

I take it as an honor, to have rules, in place ... that have shown my knowledge, abilities and technical experience.    " Voxxer Racing Treatment " is too vague of a definition.   

Jon - Voxxer Racing 

  • LOL, sorry. No disrespect intended. Just means the entry needs to look like a car you could see on the street, hence the "street legal" note in the rules. Your "treatment" and build style is often the smooth, slick and detail-less so it's just a good example of the opposite of the real world, street look. — redlinederby
  • Maybe it means, don't build a fast car like Voxxers? ??????????? — RIVERA_RACING
  • Everyone knows what it means LOL, dont slick it out to where it barely sorta kinda maybe looks a bit like the car that it started at. Must look like a car with windows and such. You know how to make a quick car with a driver's compartment Jon Ive seen you do it too many times before HAAAAAA — Mattman213
  • Dude, take pride: you officially have a rule named for you. THAT’S respect. — SpyDude
  • Rivera, I’m trying to return your cars but I need an address. I sent you a private message — BlueLineRacing

Is it against the rules to turn one into a limo? Haha

  • Yeah, I think so. the reason the casting was chosen was because it was a funky little casting with really tiny wheels...... basically a little brick. The challenge was to use those wheels and make it fast, too (or at least faster than everyone else's). — SpyDude
  • Interesting idea, but I'll say No...and now I have to add a rule about length! lol — redlinederby
  • But now I'm thinking a limo event is well worth a look. Pick any casting you want but you have to extend it to be a minimum length..hmmmm... — redlinederby
  • Well, the guys over at Rust Belt do the Shorty Showdown ........... maybe we need to see the Limo Lineup. — SpyDude
  • Until RedPill shows up with that stretched hurricane, then no one will want to race any stretches — Uncle_Elvis
  • I’d love to race stretched cars. I have a couple quick ones. Not quite Hurricane level but close — BlueLineRacing

I may want in on this!

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ChiefWopahoo 2/9/21
2020 Rated Rookie

Y'all just settle down now... the GoldeNugget has arrived at the shop and will be undergoing an extensive chassis development effort with no expense spared! 

(as long as it costs no more than $1.07 total)    

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Ddozzer 2/10/21

On this casting was anyone else experiencing wheel to wheel opening rubbing?

  • I had a little rubbing, but a few passes with the dremel on the inner fender wells eased that up. I took off just enough so that the wheels can't rub the body anymore. — SpyDude

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