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Coupe-A-Cabana - Results Posted

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Big_Mac 7/7/21

Big mac will take a spot.

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DamDiecast 7/7/21

Please put me in Sir.

DamDiecast Racing

I can't miss any races on the Rim!  Count me in please and thank you!  :D 

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Big_Al 7/7/21

Looks like I saw this just in time!  Big Al's Custom Diecast would like to enter a car, please!  We'll let The Feels drive this time.  He hasn't had a lot of luck yet.

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MoparMAC 7/7/21

 MAC Racing would like a spot! Thanks!

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WillyMaykit 7/7/21

Count me in on this one!!

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Awood717 7/7/21

Dom Woodley - Dom's Tuner Shop wants in in this! 

Save me a seat please!

Count me in, please!

Probably either an Aston Martin One-77 or a Jaguar F-Type.

Is the Matchbox 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe also eligible?

  • Confirmed! yes, the MBX version does qualify. Basically, the casting had to say Coupe on the car, or based on the coupe model according to HW Wiki. Also, I eliminated all fantasy coupe's as well, such as the Cosmic Coupe. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Went with the Matchbox 1971 MGB GT Coupe in the end. Not the fastest, bits what I think of when I think of a coupe! — Fractal_Panda
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Too_kay 7/7/21

Count 2K Racing in for a spot please

Im In please

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KCLH_Racing 7/7/21

I would like to jump into this event please.  Hope I am not to late.

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