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Cyrano Buckminster presents Concept chaos at Funkhouser Diecast Racing sponsored by Merch by Meekin

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Let's go ...Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

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Spirit_Of_64 9/15/23

Cinder Foley's gonna drive 'Bulletproof Bully', a Chrysler Pronto inspired by a classic Spy Hunter enemy.  We ran out of paint at the shop, but we did have a bunch of spray-on bed liner to use...BTW are we shipping to Meekin or directly to Funkhouser?

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FeralPatrick 9/19/23

Ferarumozzu. Shipping Thursday.

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SpyDude 9/20/23

Shipped out mine today.

Hey can someone email me the merch by meekin address, if thats where we send the car to?
Thanks brothers!!

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Numbskull 9/25/23

On the way.

she's en route!

  • BlueLine is not going to be nice. But nice car. — Numbskull
  • And--that is the car of choice. — Numbskull
  • I"m still regretting not building one. I guess we will see in the end. I'm glad you built a hot one. — Numbskull
  • l know. esp. with Mario Cart wheels. He's a beast! Maybe he'll crash lol. I do love the rough competition; you, R-Lo, Daddy G+, & now enter Blueline from the drags. Seriously stiff competition. It's how I get determination to do better. The way it should be! Thx bro' — G_ForceRacing
  • Sweet! — FeralPatrick
  • Thx guys! — G_ForceRacing
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Uncle_Elvis 11/8/23

Did this race happen?

  • It’s gonna be happening after the super truck nationals. Remember funkerhouse is hosting the second half of that tournament. Then after that concept chaos will begin — Kingjester

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