DBPower EX7000 $20 Action Camera video samples

WidowmakerRun Monday, 5/11/2020

Just received it today from Amazon, charging it up right now, will post sample videos later tonight.


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Chaos_Canyon 5/11/20

Sweet! Be great to get a new perspective onthat monster track of yours too.

As promised, just a quick test on my Loop of Redemption.  1080p 60fps is the CLEAR winner.  $20 is well worth the price and it came with 2 batteries.  Memory says 3.5 hours of recording with a 32gb memory card.


  • That looks pretty sharp. Thanks for posting. How does it look when slowed down to like 50%, decent? — redlinederby
  • Didn't see a big difference between 1080p and 4k so that's a winner right there. Buuuuuuuuut can we talk about that amazing loop???? That thing is wild man! — RustBeltRacing

Video speed comparisons


  • Nice. For 60FPS that looks as good as the footage out of my GoPro or the Runcam so they look fine — Chaos_Canyon

Video camera location testing.  Last one is 7 loopsters together.


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Chaos_Canyon 5/12/20

Love the 7 car loop!

It's definitely going to be tricky to catch all the angles, especially in your corkscrew, without getting blocked. I keep finding blindspots on my track, just means I can work on something different next race.

Looking great overall. I love the big jump finish and a nice soft catch box you've got too.

My accidently flagged the vid

I just discovered my Galaxy S9 phone has 4k slow-motion and its amazing!  I will use it for the camel humps and finish line as shown here.  Barrel Roll !!!!


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madmax 5/12/20

Thanks for posting all the vids. Can't go wrong with the price , and your phone is very clear in slow mo, wowl

  • Yeah, don't discount your phones, folks. Remember, they're $500 cameras that happen to have a computer in them. — redlinederby
  • I use my phone as the chase cam on my videos and a $30 action cam I found on Amazon a few years ago as a finish line cam. They work great. — MrFishyFish
  • Yeah, thx for sharing, cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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