DDR: Muscle Masters! *Top 8 - Final Battle!*

Sunday, October 17th, 2021
Hosted by DDR [D1G1T4L Diecast Racing]
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D1G1T4L Friday, 6/18/2021

When & Where

Tournament Starts, Wednesday, July 7th, 2021. Latest Episodes will be posted here!

*Weekly Uploads on Wednesday's*





Time for Muscle to Invade The Ridge! Leadfoot has a Theory about speed at The Ridge. He claims, "Muscle is King".

We need to get Racers In The Seats!

Returning Racers From Ridge Ruler will shake this one up a bit! 

This is a 64 Car Tournament, Cars Provided By The DDR

Weekly episodes on DDR! Starting 7/7/2021

Can you Tame The Ridge?! Lets Crown The First Muscle Master! 


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Crazy_Canuck 6/21/21

Message sent

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Biggdex 6/23/21

Driver: Biggdex

Car - The 80' El Camino

  • You Got it! Good Luck! :) — D1G1T4L

Driver AJ 

Car 2020 ford Shelby GT500 .

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Sam_Haul 7/4/21

Yo, Sam Haul here, sorry been incommunicado, been on vacation.  Gonna switch vehicles, going with the SVT Lightning in Bracket 3.

  • The Blue Cyclone? other Trucks a dodge Swapside! i can do that for ya Sam! Sold the Demon to Henry Koborn! Hes in Bracket 1 :) — D1G1T4L
  • Ha, yeah, meant the Syclone. — Sam_Haul
  • Cool! I kinda figured, just wanted to make sure! Good Luck! That Thing looks fast, a tad dusty atm after those Dirt races last week. Hope you enjoyed the Show! See ya on the Track in the next few weeks Sam! :) — D1G1T4L

Driver: Demonpreacher

Stars 'n Stripes (Lower left hand corner) - bracket 3.


  • Youve Got it! And good luck to ya! She looks like alot of Motor to handle, gotta have Nerves of steel motorin that thing! — D1G1T4L
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SpyDude 7/6/21

I know I'm already in it, but I do like that red-and-white pickup and the yellow '33 roadster in front in the second picture. That Mooneyes BoneShaker in the back is pretty sweet, too.

  • Hey Brotha! Episode 1 Is uploading as we Speak! You Can Totally Gimme Names for those guys, if noone ends up picking em then id have to give them names anyways! Go For It ! :) — D1G1T4L

I know that I already have a car in this but for a second car I would like grant overdrive In the dark blue and white hot rod in bracket two if it's not taken . 

Cheers AJ

  • Can Do man, No Problem! :) Excited to see you and Bad Apple settle your OMT Rematch Next week! :) — D1G1T4L
  • Quick question, what model is that lime green dodge in bracket two ? — AJdiecastracing
  • its a 70 Challanger from the Spring 2021 Hot Wheels Set, Found the set at a tops a while back but only snagged that one! — D1G1T4L
  • Thanks — AJdiecastracing

If I can l will take Greg sunburst in the lime green '70 challenger.

  • No Problem! Thinking we'll go with 3 Racers Representing AJdiecastracing! We may end up with a few teams here as we get closer to the end... maybe next week or so ill change it up a bit and let everyone have at least 3 Drivers! — D1G1T4L

That black and white low rider looks cool sitting there in the font row, if I can I will take it with Bad Man Brooklyn driving 

cheers AJ

  • You Got it man! Thanks for helping me with These names and getting drivers in seats! :) — D1G1T4L
  • The lowrider is the Fish n CHipped car. — SpyDude
  • Yes yes, Fish N' Chipped, was a last minute add for the Brackets! i think i kept them mostly inline with being Muscle! lol sorta! — D1G1T4L
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Spirit_Of_64 7/28/21

Since we're goin' up to three per team, can I put Dusty Oldford in the Ion Motors Thresher and Brae Krotor in the Tooned Chevelle?

Greg Sunburst's enthusiastic family back here in Australia 

  • Thats awesome! :) Greg is definitely a fierce Competitor! Anxious to see who he'll go up against in The Top 8! — D1G1T4L
  • Had to check the Bracket there, Looks like Greg will be going up against Ashton Alan! Sometimes the DDR Officials Flip the Grid for the top 8 matchups! Just wanted to be sure. — D1G1T4L
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