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Death Race

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The exciting conclusion to round 1!

Special Announcement!

All drivers of the death race, Junkyard Joust is planning a special post-apocalytpic event and would like to see your cars compete at his track!  If you would like me to send your vehicles to him instead of returning them to you at the end of the Death Race please contact me!

  • Whaaaaaaaat!!! I wonder how May are will explode into multiple pieces as I’m sure most didn’t get build for impact… — Crazy_Canuck
  • Ship any/all of mine if you like. — Uncle_Elvis
  • Happy for you to send our cars to JJ. — Chaos_Canyon

Apologies for the slower pace of late, work, scouts (namely, popcorn sales), and adopting a 4th dog has been all-consuming!

Hopefully getting the next video out today!

  • Dude…life before Diecast…we all get it…looking forward to the next video! — Crazy_Canuck

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