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Racing ethics, should you compete in your own races?

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AndySeaman 4/21/23

I see your dilemma, of course you want to be fair.....but you also want to have fun with the gang, and be included in something you put time, effort, and most likely money into (cars, track, accessories, ect.) I also would want to participate, so maybe if you announce you will be racing as well, or had another participant run the race you are in? Tough question. I have a buddy who is into racing diecast also, and when we hang out it would be awfully boring just watching 2 of his cars go down the track.....???? (pretty sure this didn't help you, Sorry!!)  

As much as I wanted to enter my own race, I am offering prizes. I think in that situation it is best to avoid all appearances of impropriety.

Without a prize, yes I would race. But in the end, the person running the race has all authoprity to do what they like. Thats one reason I love this sport.

i don't i think the hosts have a advantage because they know there track so i think they should not

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Bolo_Brown 4/24/23

I don't think it's any problem entering your own race.  As long as you're being fair and honest and not cheating there's not a wrong entity your own race. Plus as a builder you would like to see your cars racing against other people cars too so to me I have no problem with that. Now if you win your tournament with your cars on your own race you should forfeit the prize to the lower seed.

  • agreed — dr_dodge
  • I agree as long as the host states that they'll be participating when they announce their next race so everyone knows up front. No way anyone can complain about unfairness if they know the host will be racing right up front. — FeralPatrick
  • Sounds fair to me. — AndySeaman
  • thanks for saying that, that's how I feel about, my builds are not competitive so there's no threat of me winning! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Anybody that knows me or watch my channel knows I am always in my tournament. My winner rate It is like 10% lol — Bolo_Brown
  • Then there's also the opportunity for bragging rights if you beat the host's car on THEIR track. I'm coming around on this topic. :) — FeralPatrick

I had to enter my own tournament (Apocalypse Joust) in order to get to the right number of teams to make each heat fair. I just tried to make the cars serviceable enough to compete but I don't expect them to win. I would actually be upset if they did. Ultimately it's all just for fun so hopefully everybody realizes that.

  • This is definitely acceptable in my opinion, for me someone putting in their own into their own tournament is fine as long as they aren’t actually trying to race for the sole sake of winning,in your case putting in your own mod to even out the field is fine as your just making sure it’s even and fair,and then I also think using your own mods to as a measuring stick of sorts for setting the expectation of how other mods should perform is also acceptable — Kingjester

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