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F-Body Frenzy

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CrazyEights 4/4/22

I'm down diggity and funkedafied.

N.J. Racing Team would like to participate!   What is an "F-Body" car,just to be sure! lol

Im In please 



Code 3 Motorsports 

I'd like to participate, please!  Love Funkhhouser's track!

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RLoRacing 4/5/22


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Endcount 4/5/22

I'd like to take part in this race! I have many F bodies ready to race.

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Foursix 4/6/22

Boog, Foursix Diecast Racing

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Sneaky_Bob 4/7/22

I would like a spot in this one please.

Sneaky Bob


Dangerous Dawn if 2 cars.

  • I see only one car per household. Only Sneaky B — Sneaky_Bob
  • Had to change to one so more people can have a chance to win. And the Corvette Summer Race end up with too many cars. Some people I thought were only sending one end up sending two. — Douglas
  • Good luck — Douglas
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Funkhouser 4/7/22

I'll be happy to introduce a car for Funkhouser Racing!

  • Awesome good luck — Douglas
  • Dude your track looks sick. — CrazyEights
  • I appreciate it. I has been a lot of work and fun to make it happen. — Funkhouser
  • Agree your track rocks... Can't wait to race it! — G_ForceRacing
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MarkRich21 4/7/22

I‘d like to participate! 

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Flip81 4/8/22

Id like a spot if there is any room - Flip

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FPD_Racing 4/8/22

I would like a spot. 

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