Final Stage of the RLD Nationals on Tobacco Road

LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 5/2/2020

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Short turnaround for the RLDRL May stop...but Tobacco Road is going to be up and finishing up the delayed get Building for the May race.


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NDeavers80 5/2/20

I'm in

  • Accounted for...get the official thread up tomorrow — LeagueofSpeed

In. Looking to win a race this month!

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Mattman213 5/3/20

You know Im in!  Ill make something happen before then, even if its an older build!


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Mayfield41 5/3/20

Spot for me please... they call me easy win

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Diecast64 5/3/20

Me and G are planning to be there.

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Mayfield41 5/16/20

Is there a different thread for the may race.

League of Speed, will you please post the points standings coming into the last leg of nationals?

Rd1 will be finished up today...we tried to get it all done last night...didn't get that wrapped up and then edit the two videos...then we'll start on Rd 2...aiming for a Monday Night Racing finish.

The Final Stage of the Nationals was seeded according to points and tie breakers used to determine teams tied in points etc.,'s getting done.

Here's the Point Standings heading into the Final Stage on Tobacco Road...the Teams have also been seeded according to Points and some tie breakers implemented...for instance..Paradox Racing and the Lady of Speed are tied for 1st with 26pts...but Paradox Racing gets the #1 seed because they won a Stage...etc...

...also, the Matchups are the same on both sides of the Bracket with Odd #'ed cars on one side and Even #'ed on the other...

1st(t) - Paradox Racing 26pts 1seed

1st(t) - Lady of Speed 26pts 2 seed

2nd(t) - 41-14 Racing 24pts 3 seed

2nd(t) - G Force Racing 24pts 4 seed

3rd - Red Pill Racing 23pts 5 seed

4th - League of Speed 19pts 6 seed

5th - Traction Event 18pts 7 seed

6th - 9.81 Racing 15pts 8 seed

7th - L&M Racing 13pts 9 seed

8th(t) - MDG Racing 12pts 10 seed

8th(t) - GoTime Racing 12pts 11 seed

9th(t)- Outlaw Racing 10pts 12 seed

9th(t) - WildRose Racing 10pts 13 seed

9th(t) - GoGo Maxzilla 10pts 14 seed

10th - MattMan213 9pts 15 seed

11th - Speed Force 8pts 16 seed

12th(t) - BayouCityBandits 7pts 17seed

12th(t) - Speedzilla 7pts 18 seed

13th - HTown Hustle 6pts 19 seed

14th(t) - Lil Bug Racing 5pts 20 seed

14th(t) - SpaceCity Speed 5pts 21 seed

14th(t) - South271 Racing 5pts 22 seed

15th - North271 Racing 4pts 23 seed

16th(t) - DVB Racing 3pts 24 seed

16th(t) - Boom Machines 3pts 25 seed

17th(t) - ND Racing 2pts 26 seed

17th(t) - DC Wheels 2pts 27 seed

18th(t) - 72Chevy C10 1pt 28 seed

18th(t) - Team 164K 1pt 29 seed

18th(t) - Sinister Grackle 1pt 30 seed

19th(t) - Team 164B 0pts 31 seed

19th(t) - BigPoppy Racing 0pts 32 seed

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Mattman213 5/17/20

When is the May RLDRL race?  Was it this weekend and I missed it?  If not let me know so I can mail something in!


  • Question from the rookie at Tobacco Road: In the first race, was Big Poppy's car too low and that's why it stopped after the drop? — RustBeltRacing
  • Yeah...that car had issues at every track and Tobacco Roads Big End will eat you for lunch if you're not a roller — LeagueofSpeed
  • The screen grab for this video is the first upset of round 1. That 55 is a dud but thats ok, still fun to watch! — Mattman213
  • Really thought Speedzilla would have done better throughout...but she's had some tuff match-ups — LeagueofSpeed

  • Woohoo both teams moving on. Good showing for the Wife's 57 for sure but they were dialed in on a similar style track setup so I was hoping they would do so. — Mattman213

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