Track Building and BuyingFinal Verdict on Max Traxxx Finish Gate

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So, has this come and gone, or is it still considered a viable option for a finish line/gate. I understand 3D Bot Maker has a two lane as well, just getting all my ducks in a row since I'll use whatever I get for both the tracks I'm building. Thanks in advance.

The Max Traxxx that I had wasn't very accurate

Go with the 3DBotMaker, much better product and more return on your investment.

The Max Traxxx is a good backup if you need it. Also not bad if you're looking to mod something together and just need the electronic guts, but otherwise it's kind of flimsy.

I've taken one apart and it's very simple switches inside...I had plans to make the mechanic part more reliable by making alternate trigger flippers. 

That's where I was headed most likely, seems to be a good product.

I agree, the 3dbotmaker is the way o go. It's no-contact so that's the main plus. And  it's simple and accurate. 

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