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Garden Canyon Run Summer Round Robin

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I'll be sending one, and I think I can talk Xanthippe into doing it, too.  You are a local, after all.  Gotta support the neighbors!

  • Awesome, looking forward to seeing them! I'll shoot you my address in a message... — AlleyCatRaceClub
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RAGTAG_JIM 6/19/21

Loaded up and getting ready to head out west Monday!!!! I believe that tow truck has one more good haul in her..... But probably gonna leave her there so Tom,Dick, and harry have a little more help there.... Dirtus can stick around with the boys..... Hes been looking to move outta his trailer in the Smoky Mountains for a few years now......

  • Looking good sir! Nicely done, the Day Late Dollar Short work crew will love that flatbed! — AlleyCatRaceClub
  • She definitely isn't as pretty as their other Wrecker but will get the job done lol — RAGTAG_JIM
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NDeavers80 6/20/21

So had 2 cars done and realized I messed something up wink wink and need to build a new number two. Should ship this week

MAIL HAUL -- half of the field is here at the track, the party is just getting started. Two from Spirit of 64 below, but you've seen these two yellow ones already. Couple of powerful looking machines there...

Next up is a couple from Uncle Elvis Racing. The Jaguar might be fast, but my eyes are on the #10 car. (In the background is the hot pink Fairlady 2000 from Alley Cat Race Club, still up on the bench.)

Then from G4 Diecast Racing we've got these two yellow twins, Smiley 1 and Smiley 2. Not exactly identical, they only look that way. About 20 grams separates the two. Plus a set of transparent wheels. Sweet. That bright green number in the background is Alley Cat Race Club's other entry, also not quite buttoned up.

That's 8 of 16, can't wait to see the rest. Keep 'em coming, and thanks friends!

MAIL HAIL Round 2: so not only did Ragtag Jim send over these couple of bad beauties:

but a flatbed, The Pile, to aid Tom Dick, Harry and the rest of the Day Late Dollar Short crew, check it out!

That Chevy will certainly haul. How did it go? Ford to haul, Chevy to haul ass? Or was it other way round...umm, did I mention Team Ragtag has its own parts runner?

There they are unloading next to Alley Cat Race Club's own couple of entries. Next, all 10 that have been received thus far:

In order there, front to rear: G4 Diecast Racing, Uncle Elvis Racing, Spirit of 64, team RAGTAG, and glowing at the far end are Alley Cat Race Club's current best two. That is before I messed with them. We'll see how much faster I made them, LOL.

Thanks all, stay tuned!

  • Awesomness can't wait for the races to begin!!!! — RAGTAG_JIM

More cars have arrived, 17 total in hand now, to be eliminated down to 16 total cars. There's one all black one from Diego's Diecast that will need some kind of bright color added to it to keep it within the rules, and more importantly, to keep from being lost in the garden! Cars in now from ND Racing, Diego's Diecast, Team Z, Rust Belt Racing...who am I forgetting?

Can't wait to get started this weekend!

  • Bro I knew I messed up somewhere — Itsdiegobytheway
  • We'll get you hooked up, but beware, the penalty is I get to choose how to make the car bright :-) — AlleyCatRaceClub
  • Oh, also the little dudes you sent are great too, well done! — AlleyCatRaceClub


Received more cars yesterday just in the nick of time, putting us at 22 entries total. Today we're going to have qualification runs getting us to an even 16 for the Round Robin event. Teams present and proper:

Uncle Elvis Racing, G4 Diecast Racing, Team RAGTAG, Sprit of 64, Team Z, Rust Belt Diecast Racing, ND Racing, Diego's Diecast, Alley Cat Race Club, Gen-X Vintage Racing, Just Another pop Culture Reference, 5-0-Tree Racing, and Cut Bate Racing. (BOLD = former tournament champion team.)

I'll put together a highlights reel from qualification today, then we'll move into a regular stream of head-to-head racing, Round Robin style. Every car will get a shot at every other car, most total points at the end wins. And there will be a prize package, so far up to 4 nice castings going to the champion. I'd like to thank Ragtag Jim for the first two prize cars and the inspiration. If you'd like to offer up something for the prize pot, please do so and speak up, though this is certainly not required of anyone. 

Happy Fourth race fans!

  • Its my pleasure... May the best builder win!!!! But if I win (haha like that would happen) the xars I donated can go to someone else.... Ill leave that to the host to decide... — RAGTAG_JIM
  • Woo! Can't wait! — pupulesurfer

Hey race fans! We had qualification on July 4, I should have a video out, I think Friday morning revealing the 16 entries moving on to the tournament proper! It was a super fun qualifying round. 

FYI, the tournament is going to go on for quite a while.Since there's a ton of racing to follow in a 16 car round robin, I'm going to do my best to keep it all as to the point as possible. I'm about to level up gear wise, so my workflow should get a lot more efficient, but it's still 120 individual matchups. I also have some family visiting over the next couple weeks, so I imagine the first couple videos will take the longest to produce, then they will start to come faster and faster. I hope!

Allrighty, have a great day, stay tuned for all the action that fits on the most dangerous track in the PNW!

  • Sweetness begins!!!!! — RAGTAG_JIM
  • Thanks for the update - good luck with the racing! If you want to save yourself some grief, you can do round robin in groups of 4 or 8 and then take the best 1 or 2 cars from each group for the finals. Still fair, still your style, saves time! But I look forward to seeing all the matchups, no matter how many you run! — pupulesurfer
  • Pupulesurfer - I think what I'm going to do is focus each round on the most exciting races, giving tem the air time, keeping the less exciting races to more of a highlights feel. I'm actually looking forward to having a stream of races going all the way into September, I think. — AlleyCatRaceClub

Yo race fans, Round 1 of the Summer Round Robin is going live as I type this. Hardly a surprise, I had technical difficulties with this. The most noticeable is that the video is 28 minutes long. THE VIDEO IS NOT 28 MINUTES LONG, it's only 14 minutes long, but there's a 14 minute long blank bit at the end stuck on like silicone caulking to my finger. 

I also lost camera 2 during the shoot.

It's been an eventful last week or so, including family visiting from out of town. Anyhoo, check out the action and enjoy folks!

Howdy and good morning! Round 2 of the Summer Round Robin is going live in another hour or two. I'm really excited to show it to you guys, it's been a ton of fun. I've had family in the house for the past 2 weeks, and now that they are gone, videos should be coming out on a slightly quicker frequency.

Standings after Round One (Top 8): 1. Scooter R/Spirit of 64; 2. Matthew Deavers/ND Racing; 3. Maxine Hunkel/5-0-Tree Racing; 4. Daddy G/G4 Diecast Racing; 5. Leonardo/Diego's Diecast; 6. Xanthippe/Just Another Pop Culture Reference; 7. Speedy G/G4 Diecast Racing; 8. Wildcat Willy/Uncle Elvis Racing.

Xanthippe in Rainbow Brite proved the hottest car on the track going from 16th spot after qualification to 6th place after a stellar Round 1. Stay tuned for more action!

I keep forgetting to make a final post in here and let you all know that if you wanted your cars back they are on their way as of a couple days ago. Remember I only can accept payment via the CA$H app or now Venmo as well so please keep that in mind :-)

It's so sad to say goodbye to the gang! I've enjoyed those cars so much this summer! Thanks guys and gals! OH, I made a best of he SRR video: All the 8pt Runs! Go check it out!

I'll start posting in the track build update as I continue work there. So far the start gate is in the shop getting rebuilt (long overdue) and the clubhouse is getting some attention. What you've all been racing on was always meant to be a pattern or prototype so to speak, which I was going to rebuild in a more finished way before the Summer Round Robin ever started, but, well, that just never happened once I realized how much time I was going to be putting into the SRR. But now's the time!

I also got another camera too! Top Cat should be a step up! Thanks again everyone for beibg part of the fun!

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