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Hatchback and Rally race

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That's great!

Question: Are fantasy cars allowed? Some rally cars from hot wheels don't have a license. That's why I'm asking.

Are Numbers 27 and 28 taken? If not, sign me in.

Snowverwhelmed Toucan Team

Drivers: Nitro Poutine & Jett Beaverson.

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CraigsterSr 4/21/23

Craigster Sr. - Team 'Hot Nuts' would like a spot! Car #7

Would like a shot at this if there is room .. Thanks 

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MWAI_Racing 4/23/23

I'd like to get in on this if there is still room #88 

Count me in i'm sending 2


I present to you Team Gulf racing

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Pandaman08 5/15/23

I am new to dicast racing. I have never entered into a race before. I see that you said you want to keep it (realistic) as a person that raced stock cars and have members of my family still racing, is cutting fenders for tire travel clearance allowed?? 

  • Yes modifications to body are allowed as long as it is a real car to start — Kingshark
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SpyDude 5/15/23

My three headed out to the Boneshaker Brawl and the Hatchback/Rally tournaments.

Is it too late to join in?

  • No sir as long as you have a car in by the due date your cars are in — Kingshark

Hi, due to "real life" and other projects, the deadline has now become too short for me to put something nice together and mail it on time. I'm retiring from this event, but will sure participate again in the future if opportunity happens :)

Can't wait to watch the race and all the beautiful cars you'll recieve for it.

  • Sorry to hear that but I am excited to see you in future events — Kingshark
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The garage is now empty....the trailer is full on the way to Mako Speedway. See you all at the track.

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dr_dodge 6/4/23

purple power should leave tuesday
with 3 gals

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