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House Cup

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Don't forget, entries are due October 1st!

Thanks to John Receveur for sending in so many entries!

If you're a fan of Gryffindor, be sure to check out "Pilots and Paws," the associated charity:

Less than 2 months until this shindig kicks off!  Don't forget the submission deadline is October 1st, there's a $5 per car donation, as well as fees for shipping if you want your cars returned.  Paypal is preferred:

Thanks and good luck!

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MessyMarv 8/2/21

Is there a limit to the number of cars in the tournament?

  • Oops, nevermind. I read through the thread and saw that there isn't. ;) — MessyMarv

The first of my House Cup entries is ready to roll!  Here's a Morgan Plus 8, made by Tomica under the "Pocket Cars" label.  This is my one Gryffindor car.  Now I've got to finish my Slytherin army.  So many British cars to paint green!

  • Very cool. I'll be cheering for this one for sure — MadMike
  • wow, looks really similar to a jaguar! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • The thing I find fascinating is that the first one they built in 1968 looks like the last one they built in 2018! I love that! — GenX_VintageRacing

If you're like me and think Slytherin is highly underrated, you'll be driving for Adopt A Pit Rescue!

I'm looking forward to getting my cars submitted and joining my first race using my own cars .  I've got my cars collected.  I need to paint one yellow then Bubblehead Racing will be ready to go.  - Ronnie Stewart

Somehow there's less than 2 months till this kicks off!  At some point I suppose I should start decorating the track!

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Xavante 8/11/21

As a Brit myself, I feel a strong urge to enter this one. 
I have a Little Green TR6 that goes like Stink!

Go Slytherin! 

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Redd_Rockett 8/14/21

Okay I rebuilt these cars that I had trash canned. I will still have four cars. But I have a question about the paint. Do each of my four cars have to be each one of the four colors? Or can I have all four the same color, or for another example can two of them be yellow and one green and one blue? Just want to make sure before they get painted lol.

  • It's entirely up to you really, I'm only sending in 2 blue cars for Ravenclaw but others have sent cars in all 4 colours. — Grimsetter
  • Okay thank you Grimsetter. Because I want to paint two cars yellow, one dark blue and one red. That's okay, right? — Redd_Rockett
  • Based on what I've seen from other folks I reckon that would be fine :) — Grimsetter
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Redd_Rockett 8/14/21


  • I'll defer to other more experienced members here, but I think you can pretty much do what you want - use a paintbrush, sharpie, airbrush, rattle can, just whatever will make the car the colour you want it to be. For me I disassembled the cars, stripped the paint off them and airbrushed them with acrylic paint. — Grimsetter
  • Thank you Grimsetter but what I mean is, the colors. I have already started painting them and I am painting two yellow and two red. Hoping that is okay. — Redd_Rockett
  • yes, they just have to be readily identifiable as belonging to a particular "mostly" red, yellow, blue, or green — IndianaDiecastRacing

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