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Numbskull 9/28/21

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  Shipped this morning with 2 day priority.  Should be there by 10-1-2021.

We're up to 155 entries with more expected to arrive!  Nominating the best in show cars is gonna be tough, there are so many amazing builds!

We are now past the deadline for entries, but I'll continue to accept them as they arrive until I get a chance to finish the car show (maybe another week or two)!  Please contact me before sending anything not already in the mail; also contact me if you're unsure whether or not your cars have arrived!

With today's arrivals from Secondhand Speed, we're up to 171 entries!?!?!?!

When the car show airs (in 4 parts!?!?!), each car that receives this logo has been nominated for the "Best in Show" vote, to be published immediately following.  There were a lot of great cars, so I was super picky this time!

The Ravenclaw segment of the Car Show!

I know that I'm biased, as she's my wife, but I really think that Xanthippe's cars are great.  She did one for each non-Gryffindor house and then I think two or three for Gryff.  Anyway... they are all themed for rock bands who were part of the "British Invasion".  In the Ravenclaw show we only got to see her "The Who" car, but she's got cars coming up for The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Zombies, Herman's Hermits, and The Animals.  I'm excited to see how they look on camera.

  • Aw... Thanks Kit :D — Xanthippe
  • They are pretty darn awesome....I almost don't want to send them down the track! Spoilers, she definitely will get at least one best in show nomination (I could've done them all, but I'm trying to be super picky this time). — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Aw... Thanks IDR :) — Xanthippe

Hufflepuff in the house!

First round of racing has begun!

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