I built a thing, cardboard saves the day

JBlotner42 Thursday, 5/2/2024

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I've been making stuff for the background of my track. This is some of the first test pieces.


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I've been thinking of making a loose car display, too.

But I've got 200+ loose cars, so I'm making mine as big as possible, with dark stained pine, and either red or green felt on the bottom were the car's wheels sit on.

  • That sounds cool. I'm just using what I got on hand. — JBlotner42

That's neat! I'm in the process of making a 412 car wooden showcase for my collection.



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Chris_Hood 5/2/24

Digging it 100%

Amazing with just cardboard and craft sticks. With a colour printer and paint you're going to dress this out to the nines! 


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JBlotner42 5/2/24

All filled in.

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s_p_kranzor 5/3/24

This post made me finally decide to create an account and participate by making my first post. I enjoy cardboard projects and yours is clean and simple. Noice!

  • Welcome to the group! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Welcome! Thank you! — JBlotner42
  • cardboard and indurtrial paper mache is my favorite media (I made a 9' , 16" wide sword for halloween one year, that weighted less than 10 lbs — dr_dodge
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Fat_Dad 5/5/24

I'm inspired. I have a lot of cardboard.

What did you use to adhere it all together? It looks like maybe hot glue? 

  • I've used hot glue on my various cardboard projects — ManiacMotorsports
  • I gotta try that. I've seen people make cook stuff with cardboard but had no success of my own — Fat_Dad
  • Yes, hot glue and tape — JBlotner42
  • And a few sharp pen knife blades. Cardboard dulls them like crazy. — JBlotner42
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LordSyosset 5/6/24

Nice parking garage idea. Where else can you store your cars? Keep detailing it! Very inspiring.

  • Thanks! Next is going to be a bakery for the wife. Need some colored construction paper first. — JBlotner42

Looking pretty cool, I need to work on that after the move and track build... Keep up the great work.. 

Thats how it starts... lil cardboard , Boom an entire room is dedicated to raceing hotwheels. Keep it up. 

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