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Informal Poll: Best spray can clear coat? Screws or JB weld?...etc...

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redlinederby 9/9/21
Site manager

You can head over to the Archive section and you'll see a ton of tags and collections that will let you browse topics. There's a whole list of articles about wheels & axles that will take you down a rabbit hole of tips and tricks. There's 10 years worth of articles and discussion to browse, so just take your time and find what strikes you.

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Xanthippe 9/12/21

1) Don't typically use it

2) Krylon (color depends on what I'm putting over it) or skip the primer and use a paint-primer combo

3) Most often, I hand paint using Testors enamel, but Krylon is my go-to spray paint

4) Usually Screws, but I've used JB weld, Gorilla epoxy and UV glue. Just depends on the build.

5) Sand wheels most times, but not every time

6) Rarely polish axles

7) I epoxy weights in, anything less leads to it coming loose. No to putty

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