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Douglas 9/12/22

This race is full. Look for two more races to be announced. 

  • My entry won't make it on time there, you can give my spot to an alternate entry, sorry , will be next time... — Marco_Polo
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GhostRacing 9/29/22

The GT-R will be there soon...

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Numbskull 9/29/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  Shipped w/ ludicrous speed.

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Douglas 10/2/22

Get those JDMS entries in before October 7th! Good luck!!

  • Hey what track is this race on? — G_ForceRacing
  • Funkhouser Diecast Racing — Douglas
  • awesome thank you! — G_ForceRacing
  • Ooook I thought this was a drag race. My car is not built for open track...smh — GhostRacing
  • The race venue has changed sorry for any confusion. — Douglas

Race day!!

  • Sorry race was postponed when 1/64 Underground Diecast Racing pulled out. But Funkhouser Diecast Racing is now hosting race. Cars are heading there Monday. Will post new race date soon. Thanks for your patience. — Douglas
  • It's cool, too bad for 1/64.... Funkhouser, is that Old Yadkin Speeedway? — G_ForceRacing

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