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Johnny Lightning standouts

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Dadvball 12/16/19

This is a list of JL Stock class winners for the past 2 years. Vans do not run in this class. 


Dec - Coca Cola Mustang, brown

Nov - '68 Camaro SS, Spider-Man, WL

Oct - Dodge Ram pickup, green

Sept - Dodge Little Red Express pickup

Aug - Cadillac Surfin Hearse

July - Cadillac Escalade, Clue WL

June - Willys panel, orange

May -  '60 Camaro, Spider-Man, red

April - Studebaker pickup, WL

March - Coca Cola Studebaker pick up, WL

Feb - '69 Camaro, Spider-Man 

Jan - '69 Camaro, Spider-Man, WL


Dec - Coca Cola Studebaker pickup, WL

Nov - '70 Plymouth Cuda, purple

Oct - Honda CRX

Sept - '69 Camaro Z28' yellow with black stripes

Aug- '70 Dodge Challenger, orange

July - Coca Cola Studebaker pickup

June - Cadillac Escalade, Clue, WL

May - '69 Camaro, Spider-Man, WL

April - Coca Cola Studebaker pickup, WL

March - Oldsmobile Toronado, Stars & Stripes

Feb - '69 Camaro, Spider-Man, red

Jan - '69 Camaro, Spider-Man 

  • Thank you - that’s a fantastic resource and one I’ll definitely be dipping into when looking for JL purchases in the new year. To round it off fully, would you happen to have a similar listing for the vans? Really appreciate your time, and thanks again — RobertBcfc
  • I will try to get that done later today. Vans run in Super Stock, along with Redlines, Funny Cars, MB Laser Wheels, and I think Tiger Wheels, but I'm not sure. — Dadvball
  • Wow! I can imagine they are some amazing races with a lineup of that quality - would be great to find out about them in some more depth. If there’s somewhere I can go to view them, rather than you doing all the work, please just point me in the right direction — RobertBcfc
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Dadvball 12/17/19

Of the older castings I have, the gold one is decent. Not quite up to par with the newer stuff I've listed but good against similar aged castings. Haven't figured out what happened to the hood.  I don't have the WL Mustang but have a few colors and 2 raw castings  the raw Mustangs run about the same and smoke the other colors I have.  Must have something to do with the paint lol.

On a side note, I just learned how to post a picture!  

  • Love the way they sit, can imaging they fire off the line. Do you find they come out quick or tend to catch up on the flat, or Is it as mixed bag? — RobertBcfc
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Dadvball 1/2/20

If anyone is interested, Jeremy, the club president of the LJLRC, just posted pics of the top 10 JL castings on the club track, on Facebook. Search for LJLRC Racing. 

  • Thanks again for showing me the page you mention below. I managed to find the olive green Dodge Ram and have one on order. Really appreciated. — RobertBcfc

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