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List of video editing apps, what do you use?

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I edit on a Macbook and use Filmora 9. I tried using iMovie, but it felt weird so I stuck with Filmora. I would definitely not recommend it to anyone. There is this bug, to where it literally gets stuck when I try to save my work. So if I have done quite a bit and haven't tried to save, I don't save until I'm completely done with the video.

I know why not take advantage of the auto-save funcitonality. Well I do, and it eventually stops working. No clue why, and I have yet to find a fix online. There is also Filmora 10, which I have, but when I tried using it, it introduced a whole slew of bugs that I reverted back to 9. 

I wouldn't recommend this software to anyone. There are a handful of bugs and I don't believe they support Filmora 9 with new upgrades. Also, a lot of the functionality is missing key features that would be easy to implement; like simple tab feature to jump from one text box to another. So these things end up slowing my production speed up.

I won't hate on Filmora entirely. It is the first and only video editing software that I really used and it has helped me improve my editing skills a lot since beginning. I'm probably about a month away from being monitized on YouTube and when I am, my first purchase will be the Adobe Cloud subscription. So I"m looking forward to Premiere!

This is a great topic. I get asked what software I use all the time and my answer is always "Filmora, but don't use it" lol

  • I just learned Premiere Pro for the Rookie Rally videos. It does like 1,000 things and I only need 5 of them, but the way it lets you use them is nice and quick. It's very overwhelming but if properly motivated, it's only a few days of working through it. — redlinederby
  • Yes I can't wait honestly. Premiere is definitely a top tier editor, I'm excited to get to use it soon and exploring all 1000 things lol — WeRaceDiecast
  • Once you learn them, you can teach me! — redlinederby

nice to know TY!

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TheMakersBox 2/16/21

I'm a big fan of free, especially where hobby-use comes in.  My choice is OpenShot (  It has more features than I'll ever need, but isn't too overwhelming.  

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