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Muscle Mania 2020

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hwtbird 7/3/20

Put me in coach. I wanna play.

Hello, (Biting the bullet)

I would like to enter a team of 6 (2x2x2)

Team Name CutRock Creek Racing - (I am now changing the abbreviation of this to   Cutrock'R )

If I have any issues in getting the team away by October 7th I will let you know.

Cheers and thx.  (I had better start farming!)

  • Awesome news my Brother...looking forward to it!!! — LeagueofSpeed

Low Rider - Custom '66 GTO Wagon?

Low Rider - '59 Chevy Impala?

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dribblybob 7/8/20

Already got my lowriders but I just traded for a set of these... Would they qualify? I wanna tinker lol

  • 53 bel air 69 riv and 70 monte — dribblybob
  • I'd have to see more of the Build — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thats a nice set, I wouldnt race those cars though. If I am correct they have rubber tires and very thin and dont roll very well. But its been about 15-20 years since i played with those cars. — RIVERA_RACING

Hopefully I'm getting the hang of this game:

American Street - '70 Chevelle SS Wagon?

(I'm thinking about a Wood / Riehlman team matchup in all catigories, and this would team up with the Custom '66 GTO Wagon in the Street) 

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Uncle_Elvis 7/10/20

Steel Passion is the same as the Purple Passion, yes?

  • Yes...bur per the rules...only 1 Purple Passion can be on a Low Rider Team — LeagueofSpeed

'70 Chevy Chevelle

'10 Camaro SS

2010 Ford Mustang GT

'55 Chevy

69-70??? Chevelle ss American muscle???

Shelby cobra Daytona

  • Chevelle is American Muscle...Daytona is a track car...keep'em on the streets — LeagueofSpeed
  • Cool! Thank you sir! — MikeDoolzinski

One last one... Actually 2... Street or muscle???

50th anniversary originals

  • both American Muscle — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thank you kind sir! Now comes the fun part and applying what I've learned. Your weight dynamics videos had me beginning the theory behind my builds. Today I got my cars. And I get to see if my brain is still functional. Muscle mania is gonna be my coming out party as far as modding. Any criticism is greatly appreciated. I can only get better by doing the wrong things and learning from my failures. Lord help me. I have a new addiction. I quit smoking. Now I spend all my moneys on hot wheels. — MikeDoolzinski
  • Good on ya to quit smoking...this is a fun Sport to be part of and hope the videos help!!! — LeagueofSpeed

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