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Muscle Mania 2021

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NDeavers80 1/24/21

  • Great racing throughout the Muscle category but NOTHING was even close to that 57 Chevy. Heck of a build team Voxxer woooow! — Mattman213
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NDeavers80 1/25/21

Ok redid low riders this morning

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NDeavers80 1/26/21

Okay gentlemen the races are currently on hold we got a call from my son's school about a half an hour ago that he was in direct contact with a covid positive patient I currently have not been in contact with my son so I packed up a bag and I will be staying in a hotel for the next few days while we wait to see if he is symptomatic or not. I can't afford to miss work so I'm just trying to stay safe I figure couple hundred dollars for a hotel room for four days versus two weeks off of work so say a prayer eat your vitamins or what not and there we go

  • Be well. Stay safe. And, I'm hoping your son is okay. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Hate to hear it man and I hope he is ok. We had it go through the house around Thanksgiving and Luke never missed a beat so hopefully its the same for yall! Stay safe out there. — Mattman213
  • Thanks — NDeavers80
  • Absolutely! Hope he does not come down with it nor anyone else. My family went through it for 3 weeks at the end of August-September. Take care!! Thank you for hosting as well!! — DXPRacing
  • Yes we are hopeful too because my wife is home with him and she has a few underlying health concerns. — NDeavers80
  • Just went through the same thing last week. Glad you are taking it serious. Fingers crossed for a negative. Waiting is the worst. — TheMakersBox
  • These first 3 days are to see if any symptoms arise, than testing becomes a possibility. So for now it's just waiting — NDeavers80
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NDeavers80 1/30/21

No symptoms I'm headed home. It's been 4 days I think we are safe

Glad everythings ok ND, stay safe!!

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NDeavers80 1/31/21

Rerace of American Street is in the books now to edit and post. 

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DXPRacing 2/1/21

Great job Nick!!!  This was a fun build and good racing.  You always do a good job and your track is great!  Thanks for the rerun in light of the situation.  Glad you and family are doing ok too.  

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NDeavers80 2/7/21

Just finished packing up the cars and will ship tomorrow, if you didn't send cash or PayPal already please check your messages. After I get tracking numbers I will message you, your tracking number. Thank you for participating. My apologies for the delayed races and waiting a week to get the cars returned. 

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