Track Building and BuyingMy 19 foot home track

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My track layout. Been using it for quite some time. Just never got around to posting some picks. Hopefully you can get some ideas for your own track set up.


My set up is 19' long total. With 2' and 1' drops at 5' and 2' long.


I use a Slotdragon  finish line/timer. Home made start gates, and a old school Hot Wheels finish line drop gate (great for second opinions on close races). I'm just using the latest click together Hot Wheels orange track. I would love to figure out a continuous track set up. No luck so far.

Overall View

Reverse View

Full Speed Start Gate

High School Drags Start Gate


Slotdragon Finish Line Timer, Plus A Old School Hot Wheels Flag Drop ..Just To Be Fo-Sho

Trap And Sensors

From The Finish Line

Video Of A Run


Cool set-up!

Killer set up, and I spy Speed Buggy "Vroom-a-zoom-zoom!"

that rebar makes pretty good protection for the track... go roller go !


Did you seriously put a giant hole through one of the main support columns for your garage just so the hot wheels track fit better?  Nice!  I see you've got some heavy duty braces on it, but still....

That's super slick, dude. Love the perma-setup with tunnel. Nice little corner nook for the timer too, pretty nifty. Be prepared to host a lot of races!

And I wouldn't get too hung up on the seamless track. My track is from a roll of orange track and I often wonder if it was worth the trouble that comes along with warping and stuff. Yeah, the segments seams can get bumpy but hey, then you just replace that segment...with a roll you're stuck.

Of course, I say this mostly because I chose not to nail down my track or anything, it's meant to be removed. I guess if you can fasten the track to the board it would be less of an issue but even then I still wonder.

  I made some myself years ago,

   but 3DBOT now makes connectors that incorporate a ridge that fills the track's underside channel, this speads one end more than the other... set them up with the end that narrows the track at the bottom of each more track union hang ups...

   he made me a set, work well... but i run on drag tracks plastic...

 photo bucket is really bad tonight, took pix but can't post them...

 CHECK OUT -  3DBOT's stuff... true 3d printer magic...

Thanks for the kind words guys. 

Lol, yes Traction-event that is a 2000 vintage Johnny Lightning Speed Buggy to be exact. 

And yes moHasAfasrCar that is a main beam. However there is over an inch of wood remaining on each side, not to mention the 1 1/4 inch steel plate lag bolted on the side. 

Redlinederby, I have seen problems with the rolled up track before. I will just keep perfecting my track connections for now.

 Fordman, I will definitely check out those track connectors. I flair the ends on my track with a heat gun now. But I think those connectors would work even better. 

I swapped out my flag drop finish line for a new 3dbotmaker fl. I really like it. It works flawlessly. I just notched out the shelf to accepted bottom of the new fl.

Beautiful set-up!!!! Starting my track build next month and all you peeps are an inspiration to say the least.

Thanks man. Good luck on your track project.  Don't forget to post some picks if you can. 

Great looking Strip!!

Thanks for the pictures of your track, very nice set-up. 

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