Customizing and TuningMy homemade axel jig

Sorry for no pictures, but for my concept, these instructions should do......(Saturday morning tinkering)

I found a nice sturdy plastic straw that was discarded from one of the girls old insulated cup, I cut this into (4) 2 1/4" sections and glued (2) pair together making (2) wheel channels/troughs, this enables me to set them under any Hot wheels car regardless of chassis length or wheel base. I then took (3) tongue depressors from a craft kit, they measure 3/4" in width, so they form a platform that is equal to the above wheel troughs/channels aka 2 1/4 ". I used (2) remaining straw sections left over from the troughs/channels to act as legs/skids to set the (3) tongue depressors on, got the ends flush using my speed square and glued them down side by side giving me the 2 1/4" platform. Then measured in past the rounded ends of the depressors at equal length and using my speed square made a line on each end which gave me a rectangle. Then I took some graph paper and cut it out so it lays perfectly on top of the depressors, I used a glue stick to get a nice smooth adhesive surface for the graph paper, then use the line of the paper with the factory edges of the depressors to get it nice and square. Now the ends of the troughs/ channels can be lined up with the edge of the depressors and the length can be lined up with the line grids of the graph paper, now this enables you to move the troughs/channels to always be under the front and back wheels.....set your end play and let the JB set up and your good to go. 

The narrowest wheel bases I have are the Mystery Machine and Myers Minx dune buggy and still had space between the two wheel channels.