Obsidian Mountain Raceway Update

GryphonSoul Wednesday, 7/20/2022

Aloha. I just wanted to update you on the progress of my track.I don't think it will ever be 100% done, mainly cause my cats keep eating my landscaping. 0-0 Sighs!

I'm still waiting for my new remote start gate, hopefully will arrive this week. However I have recorded some test footage and a short video of the track in action. A short promo vid.

Obsidian Mountain Promo - www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7N71bFkaRo

Test Race - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_tE9_QILpc

I invite you to have a peek and please feel free to comment, any advice, suggestions are welcome. And please if you would like and subscribe to my channel that would be BOSS. :)

I know I have a lighting issue, that can't be helped until the finacial situation gets better. But doing my best with what I have. I really want to get the inaugural tournament started but trying to wait for the new start gate. For now I'm trying to figure out how to best present the track, races and practicing my video skills of which I have few and a steady hand I have not. My cameras are 2 samsung phones and a old cannon 35mm camera. I been using the samsung A12 as the chase cam, the cannon for a finish cam and the other samsung will be placed to capture the blind corners cutting thru the lava tube tunnels.

The track is short compared to most out there, only around 27' total length, a 7' straight into turn 1, then a short straight into the oblong spiral thru the lava tubes to the final straight about 4' coming out of the lava tube/tunnel to the finish. As I'm still waiting for my jlhkraft remote start gate, I'm hoping to get the Aloha Invitational Tournament up and goin by end of July or the beginning of August. It will be a 32 car event to kick things off. 

Speaking of cars, the last time I posted when I joined Redline and introduced my track I had about 100 cars. That has since grown to over 200. I'll have to give them a recount for a offical number. Yeah just a lil cardicted. lol.. I just started to modify cars and I've only worked on a couple. So all my races will be with unmodified out of the package cars. At most a few will get dusted with graphite. A few got a new paint job but I don't count that as modified.

And lastly I hope you don't mind but I named some of the drivers in the cars after some of you that inspired and motivated me to build Obsidian Mountain Raceway and be a part of the diecast racing community. Honorary drivers: Tom "Spanners" Watson, 3Dbotmaker (3D), Frank "Guru" Gibbs, Delvis Jenkins Jr and Rubber Tow. My apology for not knowing all your proper driver names. I'm still learning aka Diecast Rookie. If you don't want me using your name as a driver just msg me here and I'll change it.

There are many more of you in the community that are a part of that inspiration as well, so as I'm not going to do any mail ins for a distant while, if you want me to name a driver after you, just leave a msg here with your driver name and team. You will be randomly assigned to a unmodified car for future races. 

"Keep your foot to the floor and the roof to the sun". Mahalo :)

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