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Open Wheel Rumble - ROSTER FULL

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Uncle_Elvis 5/8/21


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RLoRacing 5/12/21

Let me know if you have a late drop out, I happen to have one I can send ASAP if needed

Hey guys!

Deadline for this tournament is in two days. Still looking for packages from the following:

Dretty-Mini Mafia

Richter Racing

Diego Roman

Let us know ASAP if you can't make it as we have other racers on standby wanting in on this event!

Is there an update on when this race will air? Or has it been and I missed it?

  • Has not happened yet, or it has not been posted yet. I forget when it is going to drop. was mentioned in the FB group a week or two ago — Uncle_Elvis
  • Looking to have it out early September! Thanks! — Commotion_Diecast

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