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Pinks For The Cure (Breast Cancer Charity Race)

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Time to bring these up to 70 grams. 

  • Nice! Looking forward to see how they turn out! — Kit_Kayem
  • I’m looking forward to it. Subscribe to my channel. I’ll be testing them on my new track in a few weeks. — BlueLineRacing
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LeagueofSpeed 8/21/20
Event coordinator

It was to enticing and intriguing to not give it a the Challenge 

  • Oh, wow! I had no idea those were out there. I assume those wheels aren't for racing, though, right? — Kit_Kayem
  • ...correct...won't be using the axels/wheels — LeagueofSpeed
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Kit_Kayem 8/24/20

We got two more cars in the mail today.  So far before the deadline!  And these two came from Scotland!  This is just amazing to me

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Kit_Kayem 9/6/20

I got notice of 3 more cars coming today.  We're starting to get a healthy field.  I'm excited to see how big of a check I'll get to cut to Susan G. Komen.  Let's see some pink cars!

  • Car is in the mail, should be there by Friday — BlueLineRacing
  • Tremendous! Looking forward to having them here! — Kit_Kayem
  • Got yours today, BlueLine Racing! Thanks!! :D — Xanthippe
  • Awesome, can’t wait to see her run on the other side of the country — BlueLineRacing
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Xanthippe 9/19/20

The cars have been rolling in! Here's a fun stat for what we're seeing so far. Where my Matchbox at? 

  • We’ve got 6 already on the way. At least 2 Matchbox, no mods and some totally laughable paint jobs — Live_Young_Diecast
  • Lionel. Wait. What? — TheMakersBox
  • Pink Hooters stock car is one of them. — Kit_Kayem
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pupulesurfer 9/20/20

Will be sending one from Portland this week! My first mail in and going stock.

Will there be a place to watch the races or will it just be results reports?

Also, cash okay or digital preferred?

  • Cash is okay. or Paypal to ... or, donate directly to Susan G. Komen & put verification in with the cars. Any of the above. — Kit_Kayem
  • So glad you're joining us pupulesurfer! The races will be up on the DRR YouTube channel in the latter half of October. :D — Xanthippe
  • Great, thanks! — pupulesurfer

I have a pink track manga but i will not to entry the race 

  • Cool. And, sorry to hear that. — Kit_Kayem
  • Because i dont have USD — Lightning_Ghani
  • and the money changer center is closed — Lightning_Ghani
  • 2 other options: 1) Paypal to, or 2) make donation directly to and send us a copy of the receipt for the donation. That being said, I completely understand. — Kit_Kayem
  • hehehehe im understand but im still a kid age 12 — Lightning_Ghani
  • but i like diecast racing and collect some rare hot wheels — Lightning_Ghani
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redlinederby 9/24/20
Site manager

My entries are shipping out today. My wife got conned in to join too so there will be 3 cars from RLD. If that's too many cars let me know since I only signed up for 2. 

  • That's fine. We set the household limit to 8. You're under that. You're golden. — Kit_Kayem
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pupulesurfer 9/24/20

Mailed today, expected Monday :)

  • Your car got here on Saturday! It's really nicely done! Good luck to you! — Kit_Kayem
  • Woo! Thanks! — pupulesurfer

How about a pink 16 angels

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Kit_Kayem 9/27/20

Cars are due by Thursday.  Looking forward to seeing what's in the mail over the next few days.

If you want to contribute to the donation and be in the race, but can't get us a car in time, you can make a $5 donation and sign up for one of the 8 stock or 2 modified cars that we have in our stable here at Psychedelic Speedway.

As of right now, there are 32 cars entered into the tournament.  16 Mods and 16 Stock. 

And as of yesterday, we now have a prize pack sponsor.  So, the winner of each division gets a trophy, and a prize pack provided by Bayou City Diecast Raceplex.  Overall winner between the Stock Champion and the Modified Champion will receive all of the pink cars that are not being returned to their owners.   

Not too bad!

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Big_Al 9/28/20

Just finished these 4 mods.  Sticking them in the mail today.  A little closer to the deadline than I had hoped but USPS says they should make it on time.

  • Looking forward to seeing them here at the Speedway! — Kit_Kayem

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