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Plethora of Party Wagons

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Peter_Bee 10/7/20

Thanks to eBay, I'll be there! I got some free time coming up and I have some things I want to try out buiding-wise, so this will give me a chance to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, and maybe have some fun doing it!

Take care and see ya at the races!

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Uncle_Elvis 10/11/20

I just found two more this morning.  So, I have an extra one.

Anyone need one? 

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Blipside 10/23/20

What are the rules for the Stock class?  Can we paint the van?  Shape the wheels?  Lube the wheels?  Thanks.

  • First page of the thread has all the rules and specs. — redlinederby
  • So we can use dry lube & shape the wheels for a stock? What about paint? — Blipside
  • Dry lube only, paint is encouraged — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Shaping the wheels is ok (though I'm skeptical it'll help you on this track) — IndianaDiecastRacing
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GoldenOwl 10/29/20

Count me For this one!

I have two Party Wagons coming in the mail. Count me in!

  • Of course I would find three locally after buying two online the same day. Go figure. — Secondhand_Speed
  • such is life, right? thanks for participating! — IndianaDiecastRacing

Don't forget to contact me (either RLD messaging or thru my facebook page) for the address!

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KPS_Kustomz 11/2/20

I would enter, but I've only found one and it is currently on my Hollywood Wall of Fame with all my other Celebrity Rides!

  • Nuts! I found several all at once a few months ago and nothing since. — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Sorry brother...if I had a couple more, i would definitely enter!!! — KPS_Kustomz
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pupulesurfer 11/4/20

If I can find some, I'm in.

Being new, how will you differentiate from FTE and Bronze OH5 as they are practically if not the same wheel and just a different axle?

  • The only hint of an FTE is a really shiny axle but even that isn't all that great of a method. So, for the most part, it's just honor system. Just play fair and all will be well. — redlinederby
  • Gotcha, I was hoping it would be more obvious! I bought a few cars early on with OH5 thinking I had FTE lol! I can easily stay within parameters and play fair :) — pupulesurfer
  • On my track they likely won't help much anyways! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Good point...on open road courses it's honestly less about performance speed and probably more about just how the car is built. If you have FTEs, I'd save them for drag strips and just do some good polishing of non-NPAs for road courses. IMO, fat tracks are more luck than anything — redlinederby
  • Very true! Just make sure it doesn't spin down the track and you have a shot! — pupulesurfer
  • To me, Fat Track racing compared to Drag racing is like Miniature golf compared to the PGA. Fat track is fun to watch, but serious racers prefer dragstrips because it's all about the speed. That said, I'm looking to have some fun with this one lol. — Peter_Bee
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RLoRacing 11/11/20

A few more finishing touches and I'll get this bad boy mailed out to you 

  • The Van Looks Great! — RIVERA_RACING
  • Also, to touch a lil on FTE's Cars..... The Axles are Nickle Plated, The wheels are a 5 spoke with Gold on the Trim (OH5SP) These wheels are commonly known as a FTE Wheel. Now you can find them in some current castings such as the "Custom Otto" but dont let the Gold Trimed 5 spoke wheels fool you. What makes ALL FTE's "FASTER THAN EVER" are the nickel Plated Axels, NOT THE 5 Spoke Gold Trimed Wheels. ITS ONLY the AXELS! So unless Somewhere on the CARD or Packaging is SAYS its a FTE Car then its a FTE car, otherwise it is NOT! — RIVERA_RACING
  • These are not. Funny that you mention that @ Rivera Racing, I was googling the custom Otto today because I saw one at Wal Mart and was almost going to buy it just to swap what I thought were FTEs with another one of my cars — RLoRacing
  • Love it! — IndianaDiecastRacing

Just finished mine up!  It will be in the mail tomorrow!  I'm so looking forward to this race!  Cowabunga dude! :D

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GoldenOwl 11/13/20

Drag'n Wagon is on its way!

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