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Pop Culture Carvana - Results Posted

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Sneaky Bob from Vapor Racing in Michigan, USA has checked-in and passed inspection for the Pop Culture Carvana diecast racing tournament!

Sneaky Bob is sponsoring the green 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport from the 2008 film called Gran Torino. Now we don't know if Sneaky Bob tried to steal the Gran Torino from Clint Eastwood, or if he actually bought it. Rumor has it that Spider's gang will be at the tournament to try and steal the prized possesion.

POP CULTURE FUN FACT: Unlike most, this movie car is 100% real. Eastwood's staff found the car online, and Warner Brothers bought the car through a classic car dealer on eBay. It had a few choice options including Magnum 500 wheels, and a 'Laser Stripe' down the sides of the car. Owner Jim Craig described it as a mechanically sound barn-find, which he finally restored after 5 years. He never knew his car was about to star in a major motion picture when he sold it. Upon arrival from Utah, the studio had the Torino's bumpers re-chromed. Otherwise, the car was left untouched. After the filming was complete, Eastwood purchased the Gran Torino for his personal collection.

Garth Algar from Rust Belt Diecast Racing in New York, USA has checked-in and passed inspection as the last entry for the Pop Culture Carvana diecast racing tournament!

Garth will be driving the powder blue 1976 AMC Pacer that was in the 1992 cult classic called Wayne's World. We can definitely say that when our inspectors opened the car to take a peak, their ears were blown out by the Bohemian Rhapsody. They tried ejecting the cassette from the player, but found none because they didn't realize it was being played from the CD player mounted to the top of the dashboard.

POP CULTURE FUN FACT: In the film, the front and rear wheels do not match. The front wheels are the original 1976 Pacer wheels, while the rear wheels appear to be from a later model Pacer. The vehicle is registered in the state of Illinois. Its license plate number is F3B 259.

The Kickoff for the Pop Culture Carvana tournament is up on YouTube!

Round 1 - Pop Culture Carvana

Round 2 of the Pop Culture Carvana is up on the Tubes!

Round 2 - Pop Culture Carvana

A most EXCELLENT round 3 for Pop Culture Carvana is up on YouTube!

Round 3 - Pop Culture Carvana

Round 4 of the Pop Culture Carvana is up on YouTube!

Round 4 - Pop Culture Carvana

Round 1 of the Quarter-finalds is posted!

Round 1 - Quarter-finals - Pop Culture Caravan

Round 2 of the Quarter-Finals is now up on YouTube!

Round 2 - Quarter-Finals - Pop Culture Carvana

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