Promoting your club in the league

redlinederby Wednesday, 7/28/2010
Site manager

As you all know there is a banner ad position at the bottom of all the fantasy league pages. I don't really plan on having any paid sponsors, so rather than just waste that spot rotating between my own web sites (like it has been), I'm gonna open it up to any RDR member that wants to promote their diecast club or web site.

The banner is 728x90 pixels. If you're interested, create a banner as a GIF or JPG and make sure it is smaller than 40kb. Send it as an attachment along with the web address of your club site to and I'll add it to the rotation for that spot.

I have more plans for integrating club events and promotion into the RDR site overall, blog and league, but that's all stuff I have yet to develop. So until then, this is a way of helping spread the word of our fun.

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