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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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A Custom Donut Drifter that looks like a life ring for the Custom Joust.

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Numbskull 8/31/23

M.C.R. Invitational.

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Kingjester 9/4/23

Just a modified ford transit connect van, 68.9 grams with polished and graphited axels along with sanded wheels

Thunderbird stocker and Escort rally headed to the Ford fan duel. Thunderbird street car didn't make the cut. Custom waterslides turned out half decent this time...

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Numbskull 9/20/23

MDS title defender.

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FeralPatrick 9/20/23

Funkhouser's Concept Chaos

Concept Dodge Charger R/T

Chris & Cats "Red Hots" almost ready for the Junkyard Joust

Loading up Intial D car for transport.

Ignore the Cat Crunchies in Back Ground

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dr_dodge 9/24/23

weekend progress for joust
trash trucks

the little green guy up front is done, 60 grams micromachine, w/ hot wheels converstion
thr green wheeled chevy, 190+ grams,  and that other truck is forked


55' Gasser for my Oncologist. Sitting on her desk.

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