Redline Derby Showroom thread

LeagueofSpeed Friday, 1/31/2020

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This will be a thread for everyone to show off their work.

Some Showroom guidelines:

  • This is intended to be a visual thread. Use the "Reply" box under the photo to leave compliments if so inclined but keep full comments to a minimum.
  • Don't hog the thread. You must allow for 5 photos from others or 3 days after your own post (which ever comes first) before you can share another photo. 
  • Photo should be of the finished product. If you want to show off your build as you go, start a new thread and share your process.
  • Photo should be a car you made, no someone else's work
  • Include the casting name and/or project name with the photo to help others learn about the parts and donors your used.

Enjoy the Showroom...


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League of Speed-BMW M1

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WorpeX 1/31/20

I made these as Groomsmen gifts 

Should be a Cadillac Elmiraj, Porsche Carrera 911, El Camino and uhhhh I forgot what that other one is.

  • What are you using to print your decals? — redlinederby
  • Standard inkjet printer and clear waterslide paper, which isn't great. Can only do black decals on anything colored really since inkjet can't print white. Can do colors on gray and white though. — WorpeX
  • Clean. Nice vehicles — Chrisw
  • Great idea! — Live_Young_Diecast
  • I think it is an acura integra GSR. — GT_Diecast
  • From a distance very light gray can pass for white or off white. Maybe even better than a pale yellow. — ShawnStarkey
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bcw15 1/31/20

Here's mine from the SJPD custom contest. Stock wheels had to remain.

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MDG_Racing 2/1/20

Another weiner loses its wheels. RLD League car for February

CWP 2.0

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Chrisw 2/1/20

70' chevelle wagon , Plymouth Hemi Cuda , buik grand national , jaguar xj220 , and 57'Chevy Bellaire 

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Go_Time 2/1/20

Here is an experiment car I built.  It is a Dodge Viper.  Its only an experiment and wont be sent in for any races.

  • So did you make a mold of the Viper or did you just cover and smooth out the existing body? That's some real pinewood derby shit right there. — redlinederby
  • Very sweet...Voxxer Racing is doing something similar with his bodies now — LeagueofSpeed
  • Brian, its covered and smoothed, although a mold is not a bad idea. LoS, yes, I have seen Voxxer's cars and its where I got the idea. I actually sent him a message and he was kind enough to send me some info;) — Go_Time
  • Yeah, seen Voxxer's too...looks like he fills it with plaster and smooths it. Creative technique — redlinederby

Mainline 57 Chevy with a Gold Lace GMS package

  • I'm a sucker for the gold lace wheels. And they look killer on that color 57. — Go_Time
  • Now that is what I'm talking about!!! — TuxMcBea
  • Speeed Custum! — Bavarian_Diecast_Racing
  • Amything with Sidepipes and Flames Rocks! — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • I built almost the exact same car! The wheels are a touch different, and I painted on the headlights and taillights. Sent it off to Diecast Street League about a month or so ago. — RayRaySugar
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WorpeX 2/3/20

Okay I know i've posted this before but... I don't care, I love it. <3

ROAD PIRATE is the unofficial name for this casting. It was only released 4 times and had 3 names given to it during that span. Jet Threat, Blast Trax and Finally, Road Pirate, where it featured pirate themed tampo's. The final release of the casting was in a playset where the name of the casting was never even mentioned.

I have that final release car! As a child, I loved it. It kinda looks like an Lamborghini mixed with an El Camino. Well, i've probably had it since 1993 and as you can see on the left, it got beat up during that time. So, I rebuilt it! The right image is the finished product. FTEs and a brand new candy apple red paint job!

  • Nice job! I was a Countach kid myself so I woulda loved this casting too. Those would have been some jet engines in the back and this car could also fly. — redlinederby
  • Love it. Such a strange yet awesome looking casting. If I ever run across one Ill likely snag it and treat it to a rebuild like you did. — Mattman213
  • very nice improvement. — madmax
  • Love that! — Live_Young_Diecast
  • Niiiice! — Bavarian_Diecast_Racing
  • Well done! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Looks like a mix of 70s Lamborgini and Cyber Truck. — LottaSpeedRacing
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Chrisw 2/11/20

Plymouth hemi cuda 

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Mattman213 2/14/20

Ive posted it in the RLDRL Feb thread but here is my POS Ferrari build I call "The Boogeyman".  It was a bit of a nightmare to build but despite all that went wrong, it seems to do well on the track so Im interested to see if itll pay me back for all the trouble...or falls apart and takes out the car next to it!

Depending on how it does, itll likely get some paint down the road.  Or not, I snagged a handful more of the same casting when I over did this one with the sanding drum so I might leave it ugly and do another one up nice like I was trying to do with this originally.


  • That is an awesome Ferrari casting, what is it? — WorpeX
  • Old matchbox Superfast. I have 4 of em around, gonna try to get another one to look how I WANTED this one to look and hope it performs — Mattman213
  • Stayed on the track and took 1st in the Feb race! It also was the only car to wipe out at the end of the track slow down area and do so nearly consistently LOL — Mattman213
  • Love it! — Bent_Rod_Racing
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Chrisw 2/20/20

A little bit I was working on . Keep the speed! . Batman animated 2 vehicles , batman forever batmobile  ,  back to the future  time machine , bandit  1977+ bandit 2  1980 trans am  , batman 90's batmobile,  1969-71 Plymouth hemi cuda ,  2009 ford mustang 302 , 2007-2009 dodge charger a/o challenger. 

  • Some vehicles had rusted axels , bad wheels and much needed tun-up . Thanks to alot of you guys for much needed information how to videos etc. By learning different ways on "making a car not just fast " but consistent . Thank you all for making me a little bit better in this hobby it's fun challenging. — Chrisw
  • Keep at it! Love the set. — Live_Young_Diecast
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WorpeX 2/21/20

Going out of order and disobey the rules cause i'm a rebel. You guys don't post enough in here!

For my sisters birthday, I attempted to re-create her car as a hotwheels! This was the closest casting I could find. It has a spoiler from factory so I had to attempt to repair that (I didn't do a great job but it looks better in person). I noticed a lot of issues along the way, one of the biggest ones was that my chrome pen color was almost identical to the candy silver I used, which meant the chrome details don't pop like they should. Oh well.

I showed my wife and she kindly told me that it looks nothing like her car! Dishearted, I decided to get crazy and put a decal on it to make it more interesting. She calls herself "blackrose" on websites. I only put this decal on one side, so when she displays it she can decide if she wants to have it look like a replica or a little bit crazier.

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