Review & Results – NASCAR 1/64 Cup Qualifying for Pocono Straight 2020

CutRock_R_Marc_D Sunday, 1/31/2021

Review & Results – NASCAR 1/64 Cup Qualifying for Pocono Straight 2020

Round 10 of the ADRC – Pocono Straight 2020 Qualifying – sub4ra Channel

Cheers all!

Well, 99 cars tried to qualify for Pocono Straight, and there was only 1 DNF!              

Straight Mag Track greeted the drivers today, so speed, and positional luck play a part in successfully getting a fast time here! 

There were some great results by some drivers who rarely see race action, that was great to see! But it was Karlee K of Dragon Claw Racing (Red Pill Stable) that took the pole. Congratulations! Nero 62 has been having a less than steller season, but today, his builds creamed many of the top positions in qualifying! Well done! Southern Most Graphite’s, Green Parrot also near the top of qualifying, great job! They will be hoping the car can stay on 4 wheels during the race this time! Key West Racings’s Lucy also flew into the Top 10, good one, Catalina Wine Mixers Geoff Bodine rounding out the 10!

Of special note, it was great to see one of the sub4ra sponsors Rorring Entertainment, get a quick run in his car, and qualify for his first race! Good luck! Check them out!

I have attached below, the 35 starters for the race and the starters for the Liquid Ruuush. The orange cells are those drivers in the top 20 in points, followed by the fastest times in order of drivers outside that 20. Then, I have attached the Pure Fastest Times of every driver in timed order. Interesting to note only 9 of the Top 20 drivers made the Pure Top 36 list.

All care has been taken to record this data. If you have any queries please contact me.

Thanks to Po’Boy for his support as well.

Now let’s go racing!



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