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RLDRL November - Northeast Beast

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VoxxerRacing 10/28/20

Voxxer Racing Ground FX Proof of Concept !!

  • Crazy! — Mattman213
  • Sweet! — Peter_Bee
  • Nicely done — GhostRacing
  • You might break some records here my friend — BlueLineRacing
  • After the final build .... this is not a great racer. Back to the drawing board. Uggh !!!! — VoxxerRacing
  • Seems like everything i touch lately! I need a breakthrough bad — Mattman213
  • Wow, what is that? Is that a normal casting, or something custom? Either way, it's very beautiful. — SpyDude
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GhostRacing 10/28/20

Count me in...

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GoldenOwl 10/29/20

Count me in for this one! 

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GoldenOwl 11/6/20

Here we go! introducing the Mutha Ship Connection! Can't wait to she how she does, looking forward to Killer races.

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VoxxerRacing 11/10/20

Voxxer Racing Embosser  59g

  • That’s an unusual ride. Where did you find that one? — SpyDude
  • It's an Embosser chassis with Voxxer mods galore lol. Fast as heck too. — Peter_Bee
  • The Embosser? The ramp truck that does embossing? — SpyDude
  • — SpyDude
  • The one and the same. Voxxer can turn almost anything into a racer lol. — Peter_Bee
  • Jon, Since you using this one can you submit the Blue Concept Car under "RIVERA RACING" Thanks! your the BESTEST! — RIVERA_RACING
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BlueLineRacing 11/13/20

I know a lot of you have sent cars out and some are close and have deadline questions so I just wanted you all to be aware that I have to begin record the races on Nov 18th which means the absolute deadline for receiving your car will be Nov 17th. Please keep this in mind when mailing. Not trying to be too strict but we all want on time races and for me to get that done on the 19th this is the schedule I have to follow. Good luck to all and thanks for racing. 

  • Thanks for the update good luck everyone. Hope my junk keeps up. — NDeavers80
  • According to Tracking mine should be there Monday. Hoping not to be embarrassed in the first round lol. — Peter_Bee
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BlueLineRacing 11/16/20

Hello all, I have all but 4 teams here and we have one day left to get them in. I am missing the following teams

BadNik96, GStackert, RedPill and Peter Bee. If you guys have a tracking number for your shipments let me know where they stand. I'd like to start the recording on Wednesday.

  • My car is supposed to arrive on the 16th — gstackert
  • Mine was due to arrive yesterday, then changed to today. The tracking # is 9400109205568877702172 — Peter_Bee
  • Looks like it came to my PO Box this morning. I’ll go pick it up before I start recording today — BlueLineRacing
  • Thanks! — Peter_Bee
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BlueLineRacing 11/16/20

I'm going to try a live stream weigh in and bracket draw on my YouTube channel BlueLine Racing tomorrow night. Never did one before so hopefully there aren't any issues but either way it will be filmed and shown there. The actual race will be filmed prior and posted on the 19th

  • All the best! I'm sure it will be a great event! Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Fun! Ill try to make it if I catch it in time! — Mattman213
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BlueLineRacing 11/19/20

  • Some killer races! Thank you for hosting! — GoldenOwl
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BlueLineRacing 11/21/20

I hope everyone enjoyed the races. All cars have been mailed out and all seem to have arrival dates of either Monday or Tuesday except for Mattman and we discussed why. Looking forward to the next event at Redline Derby HQ.

  • I enjoyed everything except for drawing Voxxer in my first race lol. But being eliminated by the eventual winner is no shame. Great job on this event BLR. You are quickly becoming a player in this hobby. Keep up the good work. — Peter_Bee
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BlueLineRacing 11/21/20

Thanks for the kind words. You guys keep me motivated. Better luck next time on the draw. The most seasoned builder doesn't want to see Voxxer round 1.

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NDeavers80 11/21/20

Disappointed in my mod surprised at penguin stock good show tho thank you

  • I was surprised by that orange truck myself. One of the faster stocks I’ve seen on my track. — BlueLineRacing

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